Guardian Druid Mage Tower Tips/Tricks

I wish everyone luck who is trying to finish up this challenge. It was incredibly difficult for a noob like me, but very rewarding =) I learned a lot from it. Here's some advice that really helped me out. Its all compiled from outside sources, but maybe you'll find something useful you didn't know before.

Recommended Gear

First off, hop into LFR and defeat Argus then complete your BFA questline. This will max out your artifact weapon power in only a couple hours of gameplay!

Having ANY two legendaries will help. Those orange items make a big difference! I struggled to completed this challenge with only one lego. I finally completed it the moment I was able to equip my two legendary rings (Soul of the Archdruid and Insignia of the Grand Army).

Everyone is tired of hearing it... But I'd be doing you a disservice if I didn't mention that the Lufa's lego supposedly makes this challenge a lot easier. If you have access to them, they extend the range of your AoE so that you can easily stay well outside the purple puddle and AoE down Inquisitor Variss. Lufa's are by no means required though.

iLvL ~ 920+ really comes in handy! But many people have done this challenge at lesser gear levels. If you're out of time to get new gear, fret not, keep a cool head and keep trying. If you know the mechanics well it is possible.

Improving Your Class Knowledge:

This challenge humbled me as a player. Researching our class a little bit can go a long way to helping you complete the Mage Tower. Icy Veins is a lovely website to help you learn your ability rotation, stat priorities, etc. Their advice may give you that slight extra edge you need to complete the challenge. Highly recommend checking their Guardian Druid page out.

Understanding Your Abilities:

Your biggest single target DPS abilities are Maul and Mangle. Moonfire can whittle targets down bit by bit, but does pitiful damage in comparison.

Your single target interrupt is Skull Bash. It charges to the target before interrupting, which is useful because it positions us to quickly get off a Maul and/or Mangle on Inquisitor Variss after we interrupt him.

Your biggest AoE DPS ability is Thrash. Swipe can whittle AoE targets down bit by bit, but also does pitiful damage in comparison.

Your AoE interrupt is Incapacitating Roar. Targets in this fight that are incapacitated do not seem take damage from your AoE abilities! This means you will want to save your Thrash for when the targets are not incapacitated, or you are wasting a HUGE amount of burst AoE DPS.

Stat Priority:

Versatility > Mastery = Haste > Crit

This is more of a DPS challenge than it is a Tank challenge. All of your stats will help you out, but your best stat will be Versatility which provides both a damage and survivability boost. So invest in those gems and enchants!


Brambles (DPS increase.)
Gutteral Roars (Movement increase. Improved AoE Interrupt range.)
Balance Affinity ([I]Extremely important.[/I] AoE DPS increased range. You can actually stand in the purple puddle at the very edge without getting the debuff, and with this talent your AoE ability will reach Inquisitor Variss from that spot.)
Typhoon or Mighty Bash (Typhoon if you need another AoE interrupt. Mighty Bash if you would prefer stunning a boss to get good DPS off.)
Galactic Guardian (Moonfire DPS increase.)
Guardian of Elune (Survivability increase.)
Rend and Tear (AoE DPS increase and Survivability increase.)


Flask of the Seventh Demon (Agility)
Potion of Prolonged Power (All Stats)
Faronaar Fizz (Versatility) // Bear Tartare (Movement)
Drums of the Mountain/Fury (Heroism/Bloodlust)
Goblin Glider Kit (This can save your butt if you get knocked off the ledge)


Macros can make your life a WHOLE lot easier in this challenge. They can accomplish things like switching to priority targets with ease. Here are three that saved my butt multiple times.

#showtooltip Moonfire
/target Highlord Kruul
/target [noharm] Tormenting Eye
/target [noharm] Inquisitor Variss
/target [dead] Inquisitor Variss
/cast Moonfire

This is your spammable button. Keybind it to a key that that you can easily keep pressing while moving around. It will prioritize casting Moonfire on the eyeballs, then automatically switch to casting Moonfire on whichever boss is active when no eyeballs are alive.

#showtooltip Skull Bash
/target Inquisitor Variss
/cast Skull Bash
/target Highlord Kruul
/cast Skull Bash

This will change your target to the active boss and cast your interrupt ability. Its VERY important to interrupt Variss' Drain Life and Kruul's Twisted Reflection. If you allow either of these abilities to go off you will likely wipe.

#showtooltip Goblin Glider Kit
/use Goblin Glider Kit
/cancelaura Goblin Glider

The first time you press this you'll use your Goblin Glider. The second time you press it you will fall to the ground.

The Fight Mechanics:

DONT. STOP. MOVING. Staying constantly on the move makes this fight a whole lot easier.

This fight has a lot going on at once. Understanding what your allies and enemies do will help tremendously. As always practice makes perfect!


The Allies:

Prophet Velen
For such a prominent WoW character, this guy is pretty worthless. Regardless, if he dies you lose the challenge. The only help he provides is summoning Holy Wards, which are the golden spheres you must run into to activate. The Wards will interrupt and daze all active enemies, while simultaneously healing you and your allies to full health. Don't be afraid to pop these, as they disappear after some time if not used. I tended to use one when I was low on HP and needed to interrupt the four Nether Aberration adds.

Note: Prophet Velen does pitiful DPS in casting range. If you pull the boss right on top of him at the start of the fight, he will smack the boss with his stick and deal much more damage.

Demon Hunter Person
This cocky party member will ninja pull and become worthless in Phase One. In Phase Two they'll at least help auto attack. In reality though, their death is just another way you can lose the fight.


The Enemy Adds:

Nether Aberrations > Tormenting Eyes.
Kite and ignore the Infernals.

Nether Aberrations
These four little buggars will cast Nether Storm, dealing MASSIVE damage to anything standing around them. You want them to clump up on you, which can be accomplished with your AoE abilities or with a Frenzied Regeneration cast.

You MUST burst them down with Thrash. You MUST AoE interrupt their Nether Storm with Incapacitating Roar, Typhoon, or a Holy Ward. If you accidentally use one of these AoE interrupts before they are clumped up, things get messy. So don't use those interrupts till they're stacked up on you.

Note: Creatures do not appear to take damage from your AoE abilities when they are dazed by Incapacitating Roar. Do NOT waste your Thrash while things are dazed. Use Thrash before your Incapacitating Roar, and after it's daze effect wears off.

Tormenting Eyes
These eyeballs will shoot a laser beam at you. If your character isn't facing them to meet their gaze, you will be knocked back (potentially off the cliff).

Smouldering Infernals
These internals will slowly chase you down and periodically slam the ground. If you get hit by their slam you will be knocked back (potentially off the ledge). You can easily kite these and stay out of melee range which greatly improves your odds of dodging their attack.

Note: Do NOT waste time damaging these guys. They respawn if they die so save yourself the effort.


The Big Bad Evil Guy(s)

Inquisitor Variss

This guy will cower inside a purple puddle called Aura of Decay, which applies a stacking debuff to reduce your maximum health. He also will periodically cast Drain Life, which steals health from his target and reverses any damage you may have dealt to him. This ability MUST be interrupted.

You should spend your rage on Frenzied Regeneration and Maul in this phase.

The biggest challenge of this boss is getting enough damage on him while staying out of his purple goo. In general there are only three ways to damage Inquisitor Variss reliably:

1) Spam Moonfire to ping him down slowly.

2) When you charge in to interrupt Drain Life, you have an opportunity to use Maul and Mangle. Take advantage of this small window! Charge in, interrupt, cast Maul and/or Mangle, then GTFO!

3) Cast Thrash while standing in the very edge of his purple goo. This spot appears to be dangerous, but if your standing on the outer edge of the purple goo you will actually not receive the debuff. This allows you to reach him with Thrash thanks to your Balance Affinity talent. It's a risky thing to do, but if you get the hang of it you can maintain three stacks of Thrash on him and really increase your damage.

Note: Make sure you have Thrash available for the Nether Aberrations when they spawn!

Highlord Kruul

This guy will nuke single targets with Annihilate, make puddles of harmful green goo with Netherstomp, and attempt to heal himself with Twisted Reflection. It helps if you can have one or two Holy Wards up going into this phase, because they are your go to "Oh $h!t" buttons. Shadowy lines will buffet you around and screw up your movement in this phase, so just do your best to stay near any Holy Wards in case you need to activate them.

You should spend your rage on Ironfur and Frenzied Regeneration in this phase.

1) You should try to have Ironfur and a Survivability CD up for each time the boss uses Annihilate.

2) You should stay mobile so that you are already moving when the boss hops to you and applies Netherstomp's green goo to the ground.

3) You MUST interrupt Twisted Reflection. This is a very quick cast with little margin for error to interrupt. Keep alert for this ability and have Skull Bash at the ready.

Note: Just do everything you can to stay alive as you kite him around and whittle him down with Thrash and Swipe.

07/08/2018 08:52 AMPosted by Tyrelia
Your AoE interrupt is Incapacitating Roar. Targets that are incapacitated do not seem take damage from your AoE abilities! This means you will want to save your Thrash for when the targets are not incapacitated, or you are wasting a HUGE amount of burst AoE DPS.

Just finished this earlier today but did not know this...that might explain why sometimes killing the horrors felts super easy and other times they seemed to never die...
food: bear tartare! that movement speed on add kill will save your life:)
>Bear tank challenge
>"Eat bear tartare"

Spiced falcosaur omlette is better than bear tartar. It gives you a slight mele boost on kill as well as speed
Bump for anyone who is pulling an all nighter tonight to unlock the gorilla bear skin! Good luck to you, I hope this will help.
There was another macro that helped me a lot that someone else posted in another board, although I can't remember the user.

#showtooltip Thrash
/castsequence reset=4 Thrash, Swipe, Swipe, Swipe

Puts thrash and swipe on one button just so you have less stuff to press. I'm not using any special gaming equipment, so every little bit of real estate on my 1-9 is valuable. After I started using this I basically ran around the arena and adds spamming my new lolswipe button, making sure to run through/near variss when thrash was back up. Never touched mangle or maul in either phase, just mf/thrash stack on the bosses while only worrying about add management and boss yuck. It also shows the cd for thrash on the macro button, so you'll know when it's back up.
that moonfire macro is beyond amazing, i just did it a little while ago at 920. And completed it in under 10 tries! Good luck everyone!
OMG I DID IT. 6 hours of grinding away. I thought I lost. I got knocked off that platform at 3% and died. Full dots on Kruul and Velen face tanked him like a champ. That was by far the hardest thing I have ever done in WoW.

I couldn't have done it without your post Tyrelia. And you to Rett. That thrash/swipe macro was genius. You guys rock.
07/17/2018 12:34 AMPosted by Sorrowweaver
OMG I DID IT. 6 hours of grinding away. I thought I lost. I got knocked off that platform at 3% and died. Full dots on Kruul and Velen face tanked him like a champ. That was by far the hardest thing I have ever done in WoW.

I couldn't have done it without your post Tyrelia. And you to Rett. That thrash/swipe macro was genius. You guys rock.

This is my Druid btw...By no means ideal gearing/netherlight
I just finished it 30 minutes ago. So I took a long break and returned yesterday. While attempting to get this skin at one point I had a VERY successful attempt but died while Kruul was at 2-3% I got a big old smile on my face watching my bleeds tick as the NPC's beat on him. I was doing a mouse over on Kruul to monitor his life and at 3 HP's yes 3! Velen dies..... I went to bed knowing I'd have 4 hours of sleep for 12 hours of work, I got home spent time with the kids, tried to start WoW and was getting stuck at Bnet, it wasn't loading. I finally fixed it by uninstalling Bnet and reinstalling. I knew I had only an hour or two worth of attempts. I got VERY close a few times and finally on attempt 12 for the night - the stars aligned - and I got him! I must say that goblin gliders would have made this WAY easier. I didn't use them though and wish I had. I'd say 3 out of 10 attempts I got punted off the edge during phase 2.

Phase 1 is cake though, its easy mode for the most part though on the occasion RNG kicked my butt with everything happening at the worst time possible. But what saved me the most in phase 2 was CD management. Go phase 1 if possible without using anything. Maybe a healing orb or two and in phase 2 you absolutely have to interrupt twisting reflection. Use the orbs or your AOE disrupt only when a lot of adds are up or if you are about to die and need to get distance. Its a headache but so worth it when you know you got it in the bag. But its amazing how quickly things can go south in phase 2. Either way - best of luck to all those pursuing this skin! Its so worth it and I'm so glad I got the chance to obtain it despite my extremely busy life. 3 kids and 60-70 hours a week at work. Victory never tasted so sweet!

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