[A] Looking for a friendly, social guild

Nazgrel, Nesingwary, and Vek'nilash
I have returned to the game after months away. I have been unguilded for all of Legion and looking to join a casual guild. Due to work schedule i'm not sure of my raid availability. I have been playing WoW since Sept 2005. I have started playing on Tanaris. I server transferred to Stormrage with my guild. Due to guild drama the guild fell apart. Later I transferred to Nesingwary with a few friends. None of those friends play the game anymore. I have had experience in guilds from Casual to Hardcore Raiding. As of now I'm just looking for a guild where I make new friends and learn to enjoy the social aspect of this game again. If my schedule permits I may want to raid with friendly people. Contact me by email drquill74@gmail.com or Battle.net Quenoc#1956

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