[A] <Coven> Welcoming all players!

Nazgrel, Nesingwary, and Vek'nilash
<Coven> is recruiting players to fill out our raid team, regardless if you are a veteran player, returning for the new expansion, or a new player, all are welcome! We are currently AOTC with 8/8 in Heroic Uldir and 1/8 in Mythic.

(We have a particular need for another healer, druid preferably, and a rogue since we don't yet have one that isn't an alt :x)

About Us
While we aim to get to and clear mythic content, we also strive to be a relaxed and friendly group. We won't tolerate hateful or disrespectful players, as we want all our members to feel welcome in our guild. Repairs and discord available for all members.

Raid Schedule
Heroic : Tuesdays and Thursdays : 7 - 10pm EST (server time).
Normal/Alt : Fridays 7 - 10pm EST.
There are no current plans to add more raid days, but as we grow we may add dedicated days for alt runs.

If you want to join or have any questions feel free to message anyone listed below.

Guild Contacts
GM : Jiyao-Nazgrel (Bowser#12946)
Co-GM : Obi-Nazgrel (gmitch8074#1107)
Bump for the pre-patch!
With raiding starting up on the 4th, we'd still like to have a few more DPS and another healer or two (any rogues, shammys, or druids would be great)!
I see your mainly out for healers, but how does a package deal of 342 disc priest + 344 blood/frost dk work for you? i spoke to your guildie eitrohs, and from my end it sounds like your guild would be a near perfect fit. thanks for the reply
Hey! Definitely would be a great fit, and it looks like Obi beat me to inviting ya'! Welcome!

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