Horde - Violet Spellwing/Argus Carries!

Blackhand and Galakrond
Hello there!

EDIT: No more carries from Surprise Dragon, it has been fun and thank you all for the business, it was wonderful meeting all of you. We will see you in BfA!!!

If you're still looking for a Horde side Argus Carry to obtain your Violet Spellwing before BfA arrives Surprise Dragon has you covered! Feel free to message Waterworld/choon#1592 in game via mail or whisper, or leave a message here and I will get in touch!

Heroic carry run for Argus, with Violet Spellwing mount and personal loot: 250k
Other carry options can be discussed if there is something you're interested in.
You just need a 110 Horde side toon, your gear doesn't matter. Runs are typically carried out on T/TH nights between 8-11pm server. We look forward to having you join us!
I'd be looking for a run, thanks.

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