Which order Hall was your favorite?

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I only got to see a few (Mage, Monk, DH, Hunter, Paladin and Warlock) and of those, the Mage class hall was my favorite followed by the Paladin one. I think I liked the Mage one mostly because it felt unique and just really nice looking.

Hunter was just an outdoor lodge in a zone that all experienced. Maybe if they made it like a huge hunters lodge and not just a tiny building and most of the stuff outside.

Monk was just the place you ported to every so often since MoP.

DH was just like the same places we have seen throughout Legion. Especially on the World Quests in that zone where you go through the portal. So it didn't feel like anything special.

Warlock was okay but for me nothing special.

I am biased... but from a story, aesthetic, and functionality standpoint it's been my favorite.
I liked 4 equally.

Druid - in the world. Really hit the druid theme I think.

DK - How can you not?

Rogue - I liked their take on the sewers based thief class. I think it could have been better but I really liked it.

Shaman - Seems like a place a bunch of elemental masters would chill
I've seen warrior, DK, mage, monk, warlock, paladin and priest halls. My favorite is hard to choose; paladin was very comfy a pleasing aesthetically but was too small. Mage had my favorite layout, but not interesting. I really liked revisitng the Wandering Isle but it wasn't interesting either. Priest and warrior were forgettable. Warlock ends up being my favorite but not by a lot, the layout of Dreadscar Rift is awful.

Oh and Acherus was... Acherus, whatever.
Warrior was the best.

Shaman was kind of meh. Although nice in that everything was very close in proximity.

Reading this thread i want to try the Druid one.
Monk, it was 100% the best out of them all because of the space+scenery. Lots of hidden areas and sticks you could stand on.
Many Class Halls were really well done, but the Paladin Hall to me was the best.
All of the ones with dedicated class ability teleports to them. This will keep them relevant as transportation hubs in the future, if my hearth and other TP items are on cooldown I can always death gate to Acherus, take the portal to Dalaran, and then use the portal network there to travel pretty much anywhere in the game.
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Only one I truly enjoyed was the Death Knight one. Felt like it was the DK starting zone all over again.

I love the Acherus and loved the entire questline. It was a gift for all true Death Knights and just thinking the factions are taking me away from my Acherus makes me want to strangle a dev.

I find it funny how many people are so bad at reading and text comprehension that they never noticed we only worked for Bolvar to save Azeroth from the Scourge, cause that's what he was going to do, set the Scourge loose on the entire planet and kill every single living being in the process of defeating the Legion.

The Ebon Blade is imo the most honorable Order.
We died so you can live.
We keep existing so you can live.
We humiliate ourselves so you can live.
We stop at nothing, so you can live.

Demon Hunters have nothing on us.
We alone do what the living cannot.
I really like the Druid one. Also doesn't hurt that it also gave us portals to so many zones in the Dreamway.

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