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Looking for a new home for BFA to progress through heroic and into mythic. I have been playing since Cata and seriously raided during Mist, had to quit for awhile and came back as casual raiding, currently 1/11M but I am pretty quick to learn and won't keep making the same mistakes. I haven't been able to progress much this expansion due to school but now I'm done so I'm ready to push contents. I have MS hpal up to this expansion but I am currently rolling ret, but I play all specs as needed. I am looking for a guild that raid starts 9pm EST because of work. Willing to transfer if all circumstances are good.

If anyone wants to chat with me, my btag is Ayarawr#1841
Thank you for reading!
Turalyon is an amazingly tight knit community of guilds dedicated to growing the realm as a whole. You won’t find a server with stronger identity. We make it a point to excel not just as our individual guilds, but also to make all the guilds of the realm stronger. Those of us who did finish early boosted our realm rank, but we don't really have enough overall mythic guilds to sustain that momentum while the larger realms knock us back down the remaining portion of the tier despite having highly competitive guilds. This is where you come in!

Come find a home in one of our many wonderful guilds and join our realm community!

Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/turalyon
Realm Streams: https://www.twitch.tv/communities/Turalyon
Realm Forums: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/1182757/

If you're looking for a list of guilds on Turalyon, here ya go (updating for BFA, the list will be expanding):

We also run the major recruitment hub for everyone (~5k people): https://discord.gg/QUxQp9W

Our realm is behind the !turalyon tag. ^_^ Hope to see you there!
Hello Xailey Haunted By Murlocs is a mythic guild on area 52 that raids in the morning Wed-Fri 930am-1230pm Eastern time, and we are also putting together a pm team as well that raids 9:00pm-11:00pm Eastern Wed-Fri. We finished the Antorus raid 9/11m. If you would like more info add me Dashieb12#1376.

Guild Name: <murlocs>
Website: murlocs.com
Server: Mal'ganis Horde

I'll keep it simple. We're a awesome guild with people who meet up monthly and raid weekly. Our raider experiences range from Top World Raiders (Previous US Top 50 players), to first time raiders (and faster learners).

We like to focus on community, over progression, but still maintain a "serious casual" relationship in game. We will be casually pushing mythic content in BFA.

* 1-Click Apply button *

Raid Times:
- Tuesday: 8:15-11:15pm EST
- Wednesday 8:15-11:15pm EST
- With weekend alt runs

If you're interested, feel free to apply above, or add me on battle.net:

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!
Hello Xailey!
<Oblivion>, Hyjal is a semi-hardcore raiding guild; We are a veteran guild coming back strong for BFA. Our objective is to clear the end bosses on mythic difficulty while also enjoying our time together as a team. We are looking for competent players to join our ranks for BFA and onward. I myself have cleared up to Argus, at 15%. The other officers have cleared mythic as well. Our raid times are Tuesday and Thursdays at 6:30-9:30pm PST. We are looking for all competent players to fill our roster. Please let me know if you are interested, or if you have any questions. Id be happy to answer them.
Forum post: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20765886579#1
Contacts: Moon#14456, Grimlen#1586, Supre#11918
< LökTar > (11/11H - 1/11M) Is in the process of rebuilding our core raid team for BFA. We're recruiting those that are interested in raiding, be it returning players; those that wanted to raid but never quite got to the point in legion, or anyone that's looking for a fresh start in a brand new expansion. We are by no means a hardcore guild; if anything we're pretty chilled and laid back, consisting out of a group of veteran (and new!) players who just want to down some bosses and get some fat l00ts in the process! However we do like to continue to push ourselves and always keep progressing if there is more content to progress in to- be it moving forward into mythic or bashing our heads against some high mythic+ keys; that being said, in raids we don't treat players like numbers on a meter or a class having to fill a specific role. Our top priority is to have fun while we move forward into the current content! We are also casual friendly!

Current Needs:
- Healer (Pally/MW/Druid - in that order)
- Warrior (Fury/Arms)
- DK (Unholy/Frost)
- Rogue (Sin/Outlaw/Subtlety)
- Druid (Feral)
- Shaman (Enhancement/Elemental)

Raid days:
Tuesday/Wednesday 7:00pm to 10:00pm server (Pacific Standard Time).
Optional Friday Nights at 7:00pm to 10:00pm or whenever we decide to end the night.

What we offer:
-A set raiding schedule of two nights a week (6 hours).
-A chilled, non-toxic raiding environment.
-Activities outside of raiding, such as but not limited to mythic +.
-Progression through current content with a set goal in mind, either AoTC achievement or moving into mythic.
-Understanding and reasonable patience with regards to attendance, we realize that everyone has a life outside the game.
-Gems/Enchants/Flasks and accesses to the guild bank/guild repairs.

What we are looking for:
With legion coming to an end and a new expansion on the horizon, we are putting in the effort to rebuild our raiding team and so we're opening our doors to anyone that is interested in raiding, old or new players alike. Until BFA is released we will be running normal/heroic Antorus for those that need the gear or are hoping to switch mains, and also to see how well everyone fits together. We do have a few expectations however;

-Discord, we use this during raids to communicate. You don't have to talk but you do need to listen.
-Attendance and the ability to show up on time, with exceptions to those that tell us ahead of time they won't be able to make it.
-Be prepared for what boss(es) we will be working on a given night by either watching videos or reading strat guides.
-Elitism/Racism/Sexism/Harassment will not be tolerated. Please be respectful to your fellow raiders!

If you want more information or if you have any questions feel free to contact me via battlenet: Dragonlilly#1245 or on discord: Hekari#2233


Other Contacts:
Rasi#1419 (GM)
Amuyaa#1723 (Co-GM)
Roman#12204 (Officer)
<Exist> Zul'jin

If you want to raid in BFA but don't have the time or patience to raid 12+ hours a week anymore then read on.

<Exist> was created with the sole purpose of bringing together competent players that want to raid mythic but because of changes in life can't allot the time to commit to a 12+ hour schedule with a high attendance requirement. If raiding in casual guilds with less than preferable players isn't your cup of tea either, then <Exist> may be a good home for you.

To be clear about our intentions. We are a Mythic focused guild. We expect all raiders to be able to make it to raid on time and be focused on the boss at hand. Our attendance policy is there to allow for life to take precedence over raid when it needs (Work, Family, Personal) without it affecting your spot within the raid. The players we're looking for have the understanding that this is a mythic raiding guild with the typical requirements, but also have busy lives that prevent them from investing into the hardcore scene.

Raid Times (PST)
Wednesday 6:30-9:30pm
Thursday 6:30-9:30pm

Plan your raid around your life rather than your life around your raid.
Although i'd like to keep a relaxed attendance we're still looking for players that can usually make it to raid. That said, the above motto says it all.


RDPS: Medium
MDPS: Medium
TANKS: Medium

Must be 18+
Minimum experience progression raiding in the past 5 years.
Experience Raid Leading, Recruiting or Officering a plus.

18+. LF Mythic Raiders without the time or patience for the hardcore scene. Raid Times (PST) 6:30-9:30 Wed. Thurs.. Plan your raid around your life rather than your life around your raid. Be able to make raid times on a usual basis but don't worry about having to miss it for work or personal events.

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