Doppelganger 7/8M 8 hrs/wk LFM

Guild Recruitment
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<Doppelganger> is a Cutting Edge guild on Sargeras Alliance that looks to raid end-game content with like minded individuals in a mature, productive and respectful environment.
Our information will be posted below; if you’re confident that <Doppelganger> is the home for you feel free to apply at our recruitment page, or contact one of our recruitment officers.

Progression Schedule:
Wed/Thu 8-11 CST, Monday 9-11 CST. We add a Tuesday raid the first 2 weeks of a tier to ensure a strong first week and the ability to accumulate heroic gear without sacrificing Mythic progression time the second week.


BFA Progression:
7/8M Uldir

Recruitment Needs:
Exceptional applicants will always be considered, regardless of what is on our priority list

A couple exceptional DPS, CE exp across tiers is a plus
Our standards:
Expectations are explained thoroughly in our thread posted below but the essence of the post is how performance and maturity are both essential to raiding in <Doppelganger>. Underperformers and players toxic to our community are handled swiftly.


Contact Information:

Guild Master:
Looking to get these players before BFA Launch!
Updated in title and post our recruitment needs
Fixed WCL link
Updated requirements again.
Beta Key giveaway on MMO for those interested
Hurray for official release date of the pre-patch!
hi are you still looking for a tank
Logs:åkzak :åkzak
RIP gold missions
Also RIP KZ farming
Still looking for a tank!
Ashran Achievements going away :O
Happy Monday everyone =(
Hurray for patch notes
Maintenance done early, but can't reconnect -.-
Always looking for solid players!
Updated recruitment needs
Im back boys! Did you miss me?
Working on Saturday is awesome... Said no one ever. =(
Feels so good to sleep in on a day off.

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