Doppelganger 7/8M 8 hrs/wk LFM

Guild Recruitment
Race change coming soon?!? Still looking!
Today is the day! We're ready... are you? Come join us!
Still looking!
This is your moment! Don't let it slip by!
Still looking for outstanding players! Hit us up.
Raids are almost here! Still looking!
Still looking for 1 or 2 more to fill our main roster. Just add one of us, or put an app in on the site.
Happy Friday! Still looking
Still looking, hit us up.
Updated our recruitment needs
Happy friday! Still looking for outstanding players! Hit us up with any questions.
Killing M Taloc in less pulls than heroics? Yes!

Dieing to stupid M MOTHER bugs? No!
Deals? I like deals...
Updated needs
Still looking for exceptional players!
Good morning! Looking for a lock and DK for mythic progress. Hit us up with any questions!
Still looking for outstanding people to fill out our roster!
Happy friday!
Experienced Blood DK w/ Frost offspec looking for a Mythic raiding guild.

I have three other tanks as well (Brew Monk, Prot Paladin & Veng DH) but prefer playing DK.

Uldir: 4/8H
Antorus, the Burning Throne: 6/11M
Tomb of Sargeras: 3/9M
Raider.IO M+ Score: 839
WoWProgress M+ Score: 911

Battle Tag: Lavak#11917
Still looking!

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