[H] <Mass Sudoku> Hyjal Wed/Fri

Guild Recruitment
Mass Sudoku is looking to bolster our raiding community!

Heroic - 8/8
Mythic - 1/8

We're a pretty relaxed group of gamers, who really enjoy playing games with each other, whether it be Warcraft or others. Overwatch, Warframe, and modded Minecraft to name a few. We also do a bit of PvP and of course, farm M+s together.

Tanks: Open
Healers: Open
DPS: Open

We raid Wed/Fri 8:00pm-11:00pm Pacific Standard Time

Here's what we will expect of you;

  • Knowledge of your class and spec, including what gear is good for you
  • A demonstrated effort to prepare for content beforehand, watching videos, etc.
  • Patience

Come join us in smashing some bosses into dust and picking up shiny things from their entrails! If this interests you; feel free to message any of the following people when online!

  • DankdPudding#1764
  • Still looking for more people. :)
    Hello GM here
    Come join us! :)
    I like turtles.
    Seeking new peoples for killing the things.
    Wtb more people to stomp the daughter of the sea with.
    Seeking more wubbos
    Seeking more people to face MOTHER with.
    Still looking, accepting wookies.
    I like turtles.... and chocolate.
    Affinity for Electro Swing music is now a requirement
    The time is here!
    Zandalar foreva!
    Let's burn Boralus! :)
    Look for more people who dislike Nazmir
    slow clap for the guild name
    Why thank you, good sir.

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