Random Lag Spikes Since 8.0

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Can we please get anything close to a comment even if its just a "were aware this is happening and looking into it", feeling very ignored here.
Lol, this is happening to me as well, but unlike others I'm not surprised. This happened to me Legion pre-patch as well, right before Legion launched.
Same here. 53 ms, to 2300 happens randomly in arena or in raids. 330 MB/S download speed internet. Nothing else stops working. Just WoW. Restarting the game fixes it for a bit.
I addressed this issue to them on twitter since no one responds via the forums. This was the response after I asked if they are aware of this issue and working on it:

"We do receive various reports, but I don't know if we've found anything that we've been able to verify/reproduce. Have you posted in the Bug Report forum? It doesn't look like anyone provided system details in that tech thread. Might help in troubleshooting. ~V"
The Tech forum is different from other forums. We like deal with issues one on one. The simple reason is confusion. When many folk start posting walls of DXDiag, Error Reports and WinMTRs on a single thread things get confusing fast. For both us and the players.

Connection issues are almost always home network or client side UI issues. If it is an large ISP - Backbone or Blizzard servers themselves it is very easy to spot. This Forum - Customer Service and Twitter are flooded with complaints.

Create your own thread. Detail the issue as best you can - we function on little details. Run a WinMTR test.


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