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07/06/2018 12:52 PMPosted by Richoshist
Please PLEASE for the love of Azeroth give us the option to put a beard on them.

Thank you-

I would totally pay for a character sex change if Sindorei get better facial hair
Blood Elves have pathetic facial hair.

Void Elves have awesome facial hair.

Obviously being on the Horde seems to drain...shall we say...certain masculine traits...
A tasteful small amount of facial hair akin to a tuft of regal phoenix, hawkstrider, and/or dragonhawk plumage is far more elf nobility like than a woolly yak on your face.

Besides if we had full beards it would deprive you of seeing the fullness of our sense of personal superiority and scorn for all lesser races.
Sorry but that void elf beard is just super creepy. It’s like the one “that guy” had back in the days of arcades, the guy lurking in the corner wearing a members only jacket.
07/06/2018 01:14 PMPosted by Regg
07/06/2018 01:11 PMPosted by Lovekissmoon

Wow I'm surprised to read a reply like this I would of thought all of us Elf fans or Blood Elf main fans had at least 1 Nightborne and 1 Void Elf character by now. :P

Die-hard Horde player. Burned my 110 Boost on an Alliance just to unlock them (because shut up, that's why!), but I do like the aesthetics of VEs.

Well... we are incredibly sexy
Something's wrong here. There are NO male blood elves.
I won’t use them, but I support more facial hair options. Ours look like someone glued a tuft of hair to our face and called it art.
07/06/2018 12:58 PMPosted by Kolvo
Human sized gnomes?

Thanks, you just gave me nightmares.
Nah bro Alliance is waiting for you.

Gotta keep the options super unique for each side, isn't it great? So awesome to be able to differentiate between an Alliance Elf and Horde Elf.

Alliance Elves = beards
Horde Elves = what is that on your chin?

Don't believe me? Look at Nightborne facial hair options. ;)
im pretty sure there are no male blood elves.
A beard is something to hide behind. Real elves don't need them.
Agreed with the OP. Long beards are awesome and manly. We need them.
What was the phrase?
"The Alliance is here waiting for you."
07/08/2018 12:40 PMPosted by Beezlebubba
im pretty sure there are no male blood elves.

Just like there are no female dwarves...
(Dwarfs? Oh, F OFF, Chrome, dwarves is a real word!)

Wait a minute! Does that mean dwarves and blood elves are just male and female, respectively, of the same species?

Seriously, though, I support more facial hair options for Blood Elf males. Anything to cover up that failed attempt at a duckface without an upper lip.
07/06/2018 12:52 PMPosted by Richoshist
Please PLEASE for the love of Azeroth give us the option to put a beard on them.

Thank you-

We're not Bubbas. No thank you.
Scientific fact: players with races that have more facial hair options have higher resub rates.
You're gonna need to accept the power of the Void if you want to become manlier.
yeah place give them a few of the VE options at least
Fully agree with you OP.
Will you please donate to a worthy cause? Millions of Blood Elves are covering their faces in shame because they can't grow a sweet beard. With enough support we can persuade Blizzard to give us the option to clothe our faces in awesomeness.

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