No Lie Servers Are Up

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Servers are up NO LIE.
its true
good looking out
No U Lie

Edit: No I Lie
Yep. Just logged in. Not sure about the authentication service, but I was sitting on the server screen and noticed when I glanced over that they were green instead of gray.
papa bless
Annnnnnnd down again. Hahaha
I'll believe you this time.
How is lying and baiting fun for some of you?

There's your answer.
Fake news.
They are actually online. Just logged on. Thanks!
Sweet was just about to give up
Can confirm
Hahaha my UI is so jacked.
"World Server is Down"


World Server Down

Gets to 90% loaded then hangs. Ends up with world server down error.
Orly? Well we'll see about that...

EDIT: Woot it's workin fine for me

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