14 year guild seeks players for BFA

When you come to these forums you will always see literally thousands of guilds all looking for the same thing and nearly all of them have one thing in common.

They won't be here in a few months and you will be looking for another guild.

Judgement, formed in 2004, has been continuously raiding since our formation.
We do not let our players down by taking long breaks between new content release.

Players come and go with us from time to time. And more power to them. We base our group off the attitude that team work trumps personal gain any day of the week.

If you are looking for an Alliance guild that will be present the day the servers close then look no farther.

Our raid days are Saturday and Sunday 7- NLT 11 PM EST with an optional full clear of normal Friday nights starting at 8 PM.

We welcome mature individual who seek a zero drama tolerant group.

INJ#1944 - Btag me if you would like to discuss.

Great raiding to you!
Are you still looking for raiders? I have a 365 BM hunter and a MW monk I raided heroic with in Legion and wouldn't mind healing again once I get him to 120. The weekend times work great for me. My Btag is Mych#1443. Look forward to hearing back soon.

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