hpally LF raid team for BfA

Aerie Peak
Class/Spec: Holy Pally
Faction: Alliance only
Cleared: 11/11 H and 5/11M ABT. Was 6/9 ToS M, 5/10 NH M.
Btag: Manxie#11459
Armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/aerie-peak/fairbrooke
Logs: I have nothing recent but I can link what I have if you are interested in me
AVAILIBILITY Monday through Thursday after 7pm EST til midnight EST, After 9pm EST for Sundays. Can not do Friday/Saturday.
I am looking to push mythic raiding in BfA as a holy pally. I am not looking for a CE team, just a team that pushes mythic raiding as much as possible. I have pushed about half way through mythic raids since NH. I am looking for that type of raiding again. I am also interested in pushing keys in BfA, like 16 and 17 level keys.
Hello Fairbrooke! I'm interested in talking with you further! You seem like you would be a great addition to our community! Please feel free to contact me via Battlenet! Murdertramp#1435 or in game! Allonsÿ (alt+0255)
Hi Fairbrooke! Basic's Heroic raid team is recruiting all roles. Our raid days/times are Tuesday & Sunday 9pm-12am EST. That is 6pm-9pm SERVER. Our raid team is led by three Mythic caliber raiders, all of whom have Cutting Edge achievements for every raid in WoD, and Ahead of the Curve for every raid in Legion. If you are interested, post below or add me on Bnet Shambulance#1915. Best of luck to you!
Guild: <Myst>
Server: US-Aerie Peak
Faction: Alliance
History: Formally Forsaken Angels, has raided for 7 years and counting. We were founded on Thrall-US and
raided content in Cataclysm through Pandaria before we transferred to Aerie Peak before Warlords of
Draenor. Many of our members have grown with us throughout the last 7 years, and if we didn't have
jobs, school, partners, children, etc., would probably be playing computer games all the time. Our real-
life commitments keep our raiding schedule conservative, but no less intense.
We are looking to progress into mythic raiding and we need to build our raid team, just missing the few
spots to fill in the group.

About us:
Some of our members have raided in "hardcore" raid guilds and decided the atmosphere and play style
was not what we envisioned our game play to be. We like to maintain a friendly and fun atmosphere in
our raids. But we still uphold many of the beliefs of a hardcore progression guild including raid
effectiveness, gemming, enchanting, consumables, and players being able to maximize themselves for
each boss attempt.

With that said, we are not a "hardcore progression guild"; nor will we ever claim to be. We don't expect
to fight and bleed for server firsts and world ranks, but we do expect progression and glory to come with
our raid style. Which is short, but effectively spent raid time in a fun and friendly atmosphere.
Raid Information:
Progress 6/8 normal Uldir

 Tuesday 5-8pm PST and Thursday 5-8pm PST
 10 Minute break at 6:30pm PST


 Looking for DPS

 Looking for a healer

Contact our Raid Leader at Btag Makinrain#1817 , if interested.

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