8.0 Prepatch - Common Technical Issues

Technical Support
Hey folks!

With the prepatch arriving on the 17th, we wanted to provide some resources for you to help with common patch time technical issues. You may run into a few things which may prevent you from getting in game and enjoying the new content. This patch also includes a large increase to our system requirements, as we implemented several game engine changes to take better advantage of newer technologies.

Before getting into specific issues, please ensure that:

Beyond this, the posts below should give you some resources to work through other technical issues and changes with the game engine.

Known Technical Issues

The situations below are issues that we've found specific work arounds for. If the work arounds do not work for you, or your issue is not covered below, check this post.

Connection Issues

None applicable at this time.


Game Crashes When Purchasing Stacked/Consumable Items

    This is a known bug. We're working on it. You may be able to work around this by purchasing the items one by one. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Game Crashes on Intel UHD 620 cards when swapping between Windowed/Fullscreen

    We're investigating this issue. Swapping to DirectX 11 mode should work around this.

Drivers not Compatible with up to date drivers / AMD Radeon RX 4#0 or 5#0 crashes

    We are investigating this issue. Some players are able to work around this by updating to the 18.7.1 Optional drivers. Others have mentioned they were able to get in after rolling back to the 18.1.1 driver.

Error 132 Crashes on PCs with overlays enabled

    We've seen a number of conflicts with third party programs. Please disable all overlays and perform a selective startup if the problem persists.
FAQ - Non Technical Issues

The questions below are not technical issues or bugs, but may be strange for players who have been gaming for a while. I've tried to cover the changes and reasoning below.

DirectX 12 - Why can't I use this on Windows 7/8/8.1?

    DirectX 12 is Windows 10 exclusive as of this writing. If you'd like to use DirectX 12, please upgrade your operating system to Windows 10. Keep in mind that not all cards support DirectX 12 either. You'll want to look your graphics card up online to see if this is the case.

DirectX 12 - Why can't I use this on some NVidia cards?

Fullscreen Mode - Where Did the Setting Go?

    DirectX is moving away from supporting fullscreen exclusive mode, and this is becoming the new standard for apps. This is an intended change for the game engine. If you are having performance issues, follow this link to troubleshoot them.

Shadows Low Setting - Why Don't I See Blob Shadows Anymore?

    The Blob shadows were causing lower performance on systems which meet our minimum system requirements due to increased CPU load. WoW has become increasingly CPU-bound over the years, and we need to make changes to shift more load from the CPU to the GPU to allow us to continue to optimize the engine. If you meet the minimum requirements and are having performance issues, follow this link to troubleshoot them.
Further Troubleshooting Resources

In the links below, we cover the most common causes of technical issues around patch times. These should help if the above information does not.

If none of these help, please start your own thread with the error you're receiving, what troubleshooting you've already performed, and a copy of your DXDiag file. You can copy and paste the contents of the DXDiag file between [code] tags using the </> button on your post UI.

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