Why is Sylvannas Unforgiveable?

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07/12/2018 09:43 PMPosted by Verdre
Some may say the Worgens are ugly but the Alliance didn't try to kill them.
[Stares in two directions at once]
07/12/2018 09:19 PMPosted by Althasar
The Alliance adheres to the lord of the rings method of identifying the bad guys:

If they're ugly, they're evil. Lets kill them.

Oh I guess that explains the Blood Elves and Nightborne right? I love just shooting holes in this ridiculous "racist" fan fiction. How about they consider those that are almost always aggressive and confrontational as "the bad guys"? That would be a more accurate description.
People love to praise Saurfang but how do you think he'd react if he saw a peon disobey his orders, and turn tail openly deserting to assist his lifelong enemy of the humans? Orc culture isn't all sunflowers and roses they whip their lower class and force them to work grueling lives. Think he'll just get a nice pat on the back as he gets betrayed by that peon? Or maybe a more appropriate AXE to the back which he loves to do these days.

Saurfang would not have done anything remotely like you have suggested. There is no honor in it.

He would have likely challenged them to combat - or allowed them to leave with the open threat of violence should they return or meet on a field of battle.

Saurfang immediately and openly regrets dishonorable actions - even in what you’re alliding to
She doesn't care about her people, or anyone else. She cares about herself.

I say this as a decade-long Sylvanas fan. I love her character for what she is: tragic and slowly becoming what she hated.
OMG!!! OP player in VANILLA!!!!!

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