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Tensions are escalating between the Horde and the Alliance, and soon the Battle for Azeroth will begin in earnest. Learn more about some of the biggest changes in our pre-patch Survival Guide.

Some features that you'll find in this patch:

War Mode, PvP Talents, Bounty Hunter System, Air Drops

Legion PvP Post-Season

World of Warcraft Communities

For those just returning or who otherwise need to be caught up we have guides for both new and returning players.

New Player's Guide / New Player Help and Guides forum
Returning Player's Guide / Returning Player Help and Discussion forum

Battle for Azeroth Pre-Expansion Patch Survival Guide

Battle for Azeroth Pre-Expansion Patch Notes

Release Date/Times for Battle For Azeroth Launch

As with any patch it is important to make sure that if you use addons that they have been updated. It may be a good idea to reset your UI to default to make sure that the old files aren't causing any issues.

Resetting your User Interface

Helpful links for various tech issues:

Hotfixes: July 18, 2018

Known Issues - Bug Report Forum:
8.0.1 Known Issues List

Please note that this list is not a complete depiction of what we're aware of, but a sampling of issues we believe players may encounter more often. We'll try to keep this updated with trending issues when possible.

If you encounter what you believe to be a bug that is not on this list, please be sure to post in our Bug Report forum with details so our QA team can look into it.

Known Issues:

Quests Abandoned Upon Zoning

    We recently experienced an issue where upon changing zones some folks would lose all non-account wide quests. The root cause of the issue has been resolved, so quests should no longer be abandoned upon zoning.

    If you lost a quest you'll be able to re-acquire it by visiting the original NPC you got it from. The majority of those quests should appear on your map. If you had a collection quest that had items not marked as "Quest", your progress should update as soon as you pick the quest back up.

    We apologize for this inconvenience.

Demon Hunter unable to Appearance Change
    Demon Hunter characters attempting to use the Appearance Change message are getting the error "Could NOt Customize Character". We are aware of the issue and while we do not have an ETA on a resolution we are working to address it as quickly as we can.

    Ravencrest's Legacy
      We are aware that some players are encountering problems while in the scenario for Ravencrest's Legacy. We are actively working on solutions. Keep an eye on the Hotfix Blogs and @WarcraftDevs on Twitter for updates.

    Overpowered monsters
      As a result of a stat squish, some monsters may appear too strong. If you encounter an overwhelmingly powerful monster, please, submit a bug report.

    Common Issues:

    Unable to see World Quests in Darkshore

    Some players are reporting that they are unable to see the World Quests in Darkshore after they have completed questline from part one. If you have completed "A Looming Threat", but don't see the WQs, check to see if you have the option to view Equipment World Quests turned off.

    First, open your main map, navigate to a Legion zone (The option is not available when viewing non-Legion areas) and then click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the screen. You should be able to toggle those options on/off there.

    Fullscreen Mode - Where Did the Setting Go?
      The Fullscreen exclusive option was removed with the pre-patch to improve the overall performance and stability of the game client. If you are experiencing performance issues following the update, try the steps outlined in this support article.

    Artifact Appearance Transmog
      The appearances only work on normal weapons, not other Artifacts. You'll need to visit a Transmogrification NPC with a new weapon. Select Sources and then "Legion Artifacts". You should then be able to choose any unlocked appearances for your current class/spec.

      Note: The character that originally earned the appearance will need to be logged into the game post patch 8.0.1 before it can be used on other characters.

    Guild Chat Missing
    [ul]If Blizzard Account Mute is enabled on your account by Parental Controls, you will be unable to join a World of Warcraft Community or use guild chat. If you are the Guild Leader, the guild chat may be unable to form, and all guild members may be unable to join it. To modify Parental Control settings, visit the Parental Controls page and click Manage Parental Controls.
Developer Q & A's:

We have taken the Dev Q & A videos and listed each player question so you can jump straight to it in the video. You can find a link to the various Q&A's from Legion and pre-Battle for Azeroth here.

Battle for Azeroth Q&A with Ion Hazzikostas (Game Director) - July 19

Overview of Patch 8.0.1 and the challenges that were experienced the first days.

Stat Squish

Alternative to Stat Squish-

Leveling and Mob Power -

Level Squish -

Transmogrification Appearances:

Mage Tower Appearances -

Transmogrification Rules for Artifact Weapons -

Druid Appearances-


Class Development -

Camera Anchor on small characters-

Warlock Spell Animations -

Solo Challenges -


Weekly/Daily Rewards -

Legacy Loot -

Trading Personal Loot -

Mythic+ "Seasons" -


War of the Thorns: Chapter 1 -

Hunter - Beast Master / Hati


Artifact Fishing Pole -

Azerite Armor:

Trait availability -


Mythic Dungeon Invitational -

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