Legacy Loot = Stiffing for Another Expac

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Legacy Loot should start at 10 levels, not 11 levels. Making it 11 levels is bull!@#$, people were soloing WoD and even WoD mythics since before prepatch and getting full loot.

Now even if we solo it we won't get much loot at all until we hit 111 and even then when we hit 120 and if people can solo legion stuff, they won't be able to get the loot that they should get.

The reasoning behind this is probably that Legacy Loot and the Buff are tied together from what I read and so they don't want people being able to solo it right away, but honestly we were soloing it even before legacy buff for both MoP and WoD and now we won't get WoD loot that we were getting before the patch until the expansion hits. People will probably start soloing legion raids (pretty sure people were soloing Legion before prepatch too) at 120 too without the buff and they won't get much loot at all even though they do it without a buff.

They should just separate the 2, so Legacy Loot is 10 levels and Legacy Buff is 11 levels, that way those that can solo last expansion content without the buff can get full loot.
100% agree

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