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So HoTS is a new formed guild on the Kael'thas server. Like many other guilds we are getting geared up and ready for the upcoming expansion. We just started out and we are leveling up some of our new toons. Our community started as a bunch of Heroes of the Storm enthusiasts. Then we discovered that we all share another love, WoW!

We all enjoy raiding and structured PvP. By no means are we going to be hardcore raiding. We plan do be a no stress, enjoy each other company type raiding/pvp guild. We value social interaction and friendship over anything game wise. Below are a couple of traits that we want in our members.

We also going to be participating in Mythic Dungeons. All kinds of players are welcome. From cafters, pvpers, raiders, achievement hunters, etc.

• Prefer people looking to make friends.
Adulting is hard. Making new friends while adulting is even harder. What's better than gaming with friends? Trying really hard to develop the community, so I really appreciate people who make an effort :).

• Females welcome!
That may seem like a given, but I want to make sure that we stress that we have many members who are married with kids, and don't care what sex you are. I know that the internet can be a !@#$ty place for women trying to find a team, so know this is a safe place for you to have fun. We already have a few in the group, so don’t be shy.

• Consistency is key.
The commitments aren’t set in stone yet, but I do ask that if you commit you show up. Life happens; we get that. The reason this is important is you need to remember that the other people in the group took time to be there. Don’t waste other people time by not showing up without a heads up :).

• Must be willing to learn or teach.
Like I said, personality is the most important to me so skill levels may be all over the place. If you're an experienced vet who wants to join, you have to be willing to be patient and share your knowledge with the team so we can all improve. Likewise, if you're a new player you must be willing to learn and try new things to improve.

If you decided to join our group, you are welcome to play any of the other games that we participate in. So far we play HoTS, WoW, and Ark. For more information, please respond to this thread or contact me through Battle.net, Plague#1395. Be well.
Im interested, when is a good time to contact you?
07/18/2018 08:49 PMPosted by Brine
Im interested, when is a good time to contact you?

Contact me anytime!! Plague#1395

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