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Kirin Tor, Sentinels, and Steamwheedle Cartel
Looking for an active, yet casual guild?
Have you been trying to balance your real life and WoW?
Do you yearn for a weekly raid where someone sets themselves on fire and runs at the boss?
Are you totally okay with wiping to a mechanic because someone stood in the poop, and then laughing at them about it?
Do you have lower than average expectations about progression?
Do you laugh at terrible puns and have a generally questionable sense of humor?
If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, we are the guild for you!

But seriously - our guild is all about having fun, and sometimes killing things. Okay, we kill a lot of things, but it takes us a little longer to get there than progression guilds, because we're all a bunch of old farts with jobs and spouses and cats and dogs and mass hysteria. The most drama we have is the aforementioned "setting on fire and running at the boss" incident, which resulted in a whole lot of laughter and a great story (and a Discord channel).

We run one weekly raid (not required!) on Wednesday at 8:00 central time. We clear current content on normal and are usually working on heroic by the time the next raid tier arrives. We have several members who work on mythic+ keys, if you're looking for a challenge. We also run stuff as a guild (content varies) on Saturday evenings. It could be mog runs or working on achievements, or derping around on Discord.

We don't enforce any kind of attendance policy! If you wanna do some progression raiding with another character or guild, you do you boo! We're here to provide a fun and social environment (and bad puns). Our only guideline is "don't be a jerk." (Racists, homophobes, sexists, etc. need not apply.)

We are an LGBTQIA+ friendly guild, but anyone (outside of previously mentioned jerks) is welcome!
Do you yearn for a weekly raid where someone sets themselves on fire and runs at the boss?

You do that once or twice and you never live it down...
07/17/2018 07:36 PMPosted by Frostknight
Do you yearn for a weekly raid where someone sets themselves on fire and runs at the boss?

You do that once or twice and you never live it down...

Everyone needs to do it at least once, imo.
Clarifications on raid time, since I've had a few folks ask me.
We raid on Wednesday nights from 8-11 server (central) time. We very rarely run longer than that.
Most folks are online during the evenings and weekends, but there's generally one or two (or more) folks around even in our off-off hours.
We have (currently) 472 individual characters, with 111 unique accounts. Some of us (like me - lol) are altoholics, while some concentrate on one or two characters.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! It's so hot, I just saw two Hobbits run by screaming about throwing a ring. I should see if they've got anything for second breakfast...
If everyone hasn't checked out the first of the Warbinger shorts, DO EET. Jaina is totally amazing and I think we're all happy to see her return!
(as a Critter, I'm totally nerding out over how talented Laura Bailey is!)

You spice?
Hey hey,

New-old player just getting back into this. Have a lvl 70 Human Paladin "Ramza" on Steamwheedle.

I've been away for 10 years, and my knowledge (or, lack thereof) is basic enough that I must ask you, here, how to apply? :)
Been away from the game since Cataclysm and just came back. With a one year old on my hands, I need a casual guild. Would love to know how to reply. Please let me know!
Hey, y'all! Sorry for the late reply - I travel for work, so I'm not always able to respond on the forums. :(

I'm about to hop on tonight and I'll be around most of the day tomorrow (on one of my army of alts), so just "/who shadow order" and ask if Tula is around! :D Alternatively, you can send Tulavelir-KirinTor an in game mail and let me know when the best time is for a quick chat. I'm usually around on weekends, and also weeknights - but sometimes my job means no weeknight playtime.

In that case, the easiest way would be to get in touch with one of the other officers. There's usually a few folks on, and you can always ask one of them if an officer is available to chat.

Also, you can add my btag, which is Tula#1525. Just let me know here that you did, so I know who's who. :D
PS - if you see me jumping on and offline, it's because I'm fighting with my addons (again).
Yay major content patches! :D
Who knew that being a bunch of dorks was a selling point? :D
You can also do a /who Shadow Order and let someone on the list know that you saw the forum post and you're interested in joining! We'll get you into the guild and get you started getting familiar with the crazy!
Ten days until BfA!
We've got lots of group activities planned for after launch, including running in groups with warmode on, lots of group questing, dungeons, etc.!

PS - Saurfang for warchief! :P
If you haven't done the scenarios yet, don't watch this. BUT JAINA IS AWESOME AF!
BfA is going live tomorrow, folks!
(I can't confirm this, but I've heard it's good to start out in Silithus to get the Heart first.)
Hope everyone is having a great time in the new expansion! I know most of us are really enjoying it.
We'll have enough folks to 120 and geared enough to poke our heads into the raid when it opens.
Currently we're in the process of getting everyone leveled up and just checking out the sights.
Did y'all know there's BOTH a house full of kitties AND a house full of doggos in Boralus?
How's everyone feeling about the new expac? Is Drustvar the best zone ever or what?!
Several of us are poking into heroics, both dungeons and island expeditions and working on rep (SO MANY REPS!) for all these Kul Tirans that are gonna join the Alliance very soon! XD
Also working on getting everyone who wants to raid leveled up and geared up so we can all take part in the insanity. And bees.
Ask Shadowjade about bees. :-D
Are you guys still looking for members who stand in fire and poop?

I've been known to do that but I'm stealthed when I do so no one knows......

...... Unless they use their nose..... :-D

I'm looking for a new guild, I just hit 120 today, and I fight with a broken bottle. Looking to do instances, raids, explorations, etc (except pvp) with a group who feels that the fun is in the journey.

And yes, Drustvar is the best zone since classic Duskwood.

Hope to hear from you.
Hey Taline! Sorry for the delayed reply. I spent most of the last couple of days driving! :P
Add me on battle.net so we can chat further! :D
Hey there, Shadow Order. Are you still accepting new members? I'm a very casual player with a crazy day job, home life, etc., to contend with, so I know what it's like to have to let 'adulting' come first before WoW.

I'm all about cultivating lower than average expectations, standing in fire, standing in poop, etc. and can do all of that in-game, too.

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