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Kirin Tor, Sentinels, and Steamwheedle Cartel
Bit of a refresher here.
We are a CASUAL guild. We run current tier raids ONE night a week (Wed nights at 8:00 PM server time). Raids are not mandatory!

If you are looking for a "more hardcore" guild, we are not the guild for you.

If you are looking for chill guild who likes poking fun at each other, terrible puns, doing stupid stuff together, etc., we might just be the guild you're looking for.
As one more addendum -
We DO NOT like to screw around so much that no one is having fun anymore (this is regarding raids, mythics, etc.). Nobody likes paying that much in repair bills and antacids!
So, yes we are casual. However, if you want to raid there are certain expectations:

  • Discord installed and ready to go. You don't have to talk on Discord if you don't want to, but listening for instructions is necessary.
  • DBM or BigWigs - this helps a lot when forgetting raid strats. :P
  • GTFO - yells obnoxiously until you quit standing in stuff you shouldn't be.
  • Know a little bit about the expected fights, even if it's just from LFR or a video.
  • Bring consumables (just in case). We usually provide cauldrons and feasts, but sometimes anchor weed isn't growing all over the place.... >.<

And that's about it! Even my old fart brain can handle it. :D

**NOTE: ALL usage of "you" is in the general sense. All blame is periodically assigned to Dojoro or Shadowjade.
Do we have a discord?--- @work can´t ask ingame :p
Obviously, I'm bad at checking this sometimes. Work, work, work!
Yes, we have a Discord server with nine million channels of idiocy!
But you already have figured that out, Fikz. XD
I'm interested in joining. Not sure how full you guys are on raid night but I would like to participate. Mostly I have done LFR and some pugging of normal uldir.
Hey, Morroth! Sorry for the late reply. I was in WI all last week, bouncing cheese curds off my uvula.
If you're still interested, please poke me in game or on my btag (Tula#1525), but I will be in CA for a couple of weeks for work.
If you can't find me, you can always do a "/who shadow order" and ask for an officer. :)

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