97 Reputations Exalted

The blight that was the Gelkis Clan Centaur and Magram Clan Centaur on my character page has now been filled out (thanks to the Karnum Marshweaver hotfix). For a while now I have been switching back and forth between The Insane title and the Justicar title, and as soon as I get three reps to exalted in BfA I will have a title that encompasses both in the Esteemed title.

Best of luck to all you other reputation enthusiasts.
Super annoying I have to have all 90 on the same character. I retired my Warrior (Xaikar Lightbringer) hes got 82 factions exalted but now I gotta shake off the dust and get him Exalted with everything in Legion. What a shame its not 90 Unique factions its 90 unique factions on 1 character.
Currently stuck at 94 rep's, only possible mount that i could get to exalted would be bloodsailors which i left at honored and got goblin to exalted. Kind of regretting that decision and my shrendalar rep halfway through revered

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