Legion Companion App bugs

Mobile Bug Report
Ever since the pre-patch update on the app, it doesn't remember that I've disabled sfx and notifications on every character. Even when Enable SFX is -not- checked, it plays sfx.

I also have to log out entirely instead of being able to go straight to the character selection screen. I have five 110s, and this is making it much more irritating to swap between all of them.

Additionally, you seem to have removed the ability to donate Legionfall war supplies through the app for no explicable reason.
I've noticed the same problem with sfx. I have to go to the settings on each toon and enable-then disable sfx. The app is then silent until I pick another toon, and then I have to do the same thing over again.
It's a work-around, but it makes taking care of business really slow.
Not to mention annoying having the app announce to everyone what you're doing.
Known issue. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20765697472 is an earlier thread on the topic with a blue response indicating that they're investigating. If there's any follow-up, expect it there.

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