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Aerie Peak
We are a small family orientated guild looking to grow and experience the game at a casual pace as life allows. We try to raid two nights a week. Friday 5-7:30 pm and Saturday 5-7:30 pm server time. We are not hardcore. If we kill bosses, Great. If not, we will keep trying. We just want to enjoy the game as kids and family time allows. No attendance requirements. No raiding requirements. No experience required. All are welcome. Lets just try to have fun playing the game we all enjoy :)

We are looking for ranged dps (melee is okay too) and healers for the next expansion.

Feel free to message me over battlenet or ingame. btag is: DarkPaladin#11380
Hey hey.

Wondering if you guys are open to adding a Hunter for BfA?

Little about me: I mained a MW Monk for MoP and WoD, raiding N/H with a guild that broke up towards the end of WoD. Real life was nuts at the start of Legion, so I wasn’t able to find a new guild/start raiding right away. After getting behind I decided to spend the xpac messing with alts, raiding LFR and doing some M+ Dungeons.

With BfA starting, I’m looking to get back into raiding. Hoping a find a mellow group that isn’t super hardcore focused on progression (because I’m old now), but still goes in to have some fun killing bosses.

While I’m looking to play BM/Survival Hunter, I also have a Holy/Ret Pally I wouldn’t mind playing if you guys are all set on Hunters. I just think your group sounds exactly like what I’m looking for.

I’m at Lyrics#11959 on BNet, or you can message back here.

Thanks for you time and good luck recruiting.

We can use a hunter :) I added you on bnet in case i don't get back to you here :)
08/06/2018 08:45 AMPosted by Lyrics
(because I’m old now)

LOL, one of the reasons why I joined. So far these folks get a huge +1 from me. Very friendly, banter included. It's nice to join a guild that is a group of RL friends that can welcome an old shmoe like me.
Looking for more dps and healer(s).
We are looking for a hunter, demon hunter, and death knight for raiding. Any other dps and healing class is also welcome.
Obviously a hunter here, and I have a few other 110 or above characters I play as the urge hits me - or my wife gets me to log in to play along with her in those times she feels like gaming. Currently BM specced on this fellow (Oh, and the grey beard? Just like IRL, and the hair on my head is slowly following suit), but also really enjoy SV if melee is called for.

Started playing mmos with DAoC back in 2001, and played a few others up until about 2 years into Guild Wars 2. Changing game design, player attitudes and "megaserver" clusters had me leaving gaming for a few years until giving WoW a try for the first time last year in April. Had never given it a go before for various reasons, but have found enough to make it pretty enjoyable. However, I have had some poor luck in finding folks to game with this time around. In the past I've always been a regular dungeon runner and raider. I enjoy being in a guild just for that purpose: to group up to have fun, talk, whatever ... and never to pug. Especially the pugging due to clustering/sharding; I like grouping with people who have gotten to know one another and enjoy each other's company. I'm the type whose willing to do most things guildies need or want to do. About the only thing I'd likely avoid is politics and religion - get enough of that on this side of the keyboard =)
Battle tag added. I will look for you ingame.
Looking for a casual guild myself. I currently play MM hunter and have a level 120 disc priest. I also have a ton of level 110s to level. I am currently sitting at 333 on this character.

I've joined 2 guilds since moving to Aerie Peak, the week of launch. The promise of heroic and mythic dungeons never materialized because everyone was off doing their own thing or the same groups running dungeons/mythics.

I'm super casual. My btag is seaandstorm#1170
Battle tag added. I will look for you in game.

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