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Hey all - I am looking for a small but active guild. I would like to find some pretty chill people, make some new friends with the upcoming xpac, and do a bit of raiding/mythic+. I say small because I don't want to be just another char in a sea of 50+ people online at any given time, I also like to help out, and for my help to actually mean something.

I will be bringing a MW Monk to the table, I started maining this is Legion, prior to that I was a Resto druid, and prior to that, a holy priest. A decently long list of healing classes is what I am getting at, I enjoy pain and being yelled at, I guess is what you could say.

I am not in any way a hardcore person, unfortunately have a job and with that comes a bit of an unpredictable schedule, so most of Legion was spent guildless and running LFR and Pugging normals. I would like to change that with BFA.

My schedule is more along the lines of weekend nights being best for me, although I can do most week nights and some weekends I get to just no-life WoW, really depends on the wife. Worst days for me are usually Tuesday - Thursday as with my job that is generally when I try to schedule any after-hour work I do.

My goal would be to come in, join everyone in the leveling experience, help gear everyone up, level my profs (herb/alch/fish/cook) to max and provide food/flasks for any sort of content we're currently working on and if need be, a resource for my specific class/spec.

Overall, just having some folks to play with, that aren't going to get angry about me not logging on for raid night one night every once in a while and aren't so focused on progression that it makes raiding a chore, would be a refreshing and welcome change.

So yeah, if I sound like someone you'd maybe like to have in your guild, shoot me a reply, hit me up in-game (I am on Mannoroth), or send smoke signals or something.
You are more than welcome to join us over at "Fel Good Inc." we are a smaller guild right now but trying to expand! Friendly folks always willing to give hand!
Me and my long time friend just started a guild. Cthun and Friends, super casual. Play mainly nights, focus mainly on random bg's and might dabble in heroic raiding in bfa if we have enough members whom are interested. We'd love to have you join
We are 8/8 Normal Uldir, raids are Sunday’s at 1:30pm. We usually do M+ in the evenings let me know if you are interested in joining us.
<Pound Syndrome> on US-Mannoroth Horde is a rapidly growing raiding guild focused on progressing through heroic and mythic raids in a timely manner. We are currently seeking ranged DPS classes, but are open to recruiting all roles. We are starting Mythic this week as we just finished Heroic Uldir on Thursday.

So far, we have cleared:
Normal: 8/8
Heroic: 8/8
Mythic: 1/8

Our raid times are:
Tues: 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM EST.
Thurs: 8:30 PM - 12:00 AM EST.
Sat/Sun are tentative days and will be chosen after the raid has concluded on Thursdays.

Why join us?

1.) We are extremely supportive of all of our members and offer guild repairs, flasks, materials for crafting, potions, and enchants for all of our members.
2.) We have stellar communication during raids and have well-defined goals that we lay out before each raid.
3.) We are very accountable towards our members. We hold everyone to the same standard.
4.) We are organized with our progression; we have a system for carrying out encounters.

Why should we pick you? Additionally, our expectations of our raiding core:

1.) You want to progress through Heroic/Mythic raids at a reasonable pace with guys that love to banter.
2.) You are prompt, organized, and provide constructive criticism.
3.) You actively contribute to the welfare of the guild. This could be done through helping to gear alts, farm mats for the guild bank, research boss fights, etc.
4.) You read and learn every boss fight before any attempt is made.
5.) You understand your role, and everyone else’s role, in every boss fight.
6.) You can communicate clearly in discord.
7.) You want to pound raid bosses into the ground.

Please feel free to contact us at either of the below methods. We will be more than willing to assist in paying for your server transfers.

General Manager: Therapeutics
Bnet: Raychele#1685
Discord - Rayy#0227

Guild Master: Pounderr
Bnet - TCowboy#1505
Discord - jisele#8911

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