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so i was in a dungeon today and this Warlock pulled the boss and got our whole team killed then proceeds to say its not his fault. we tried explaining that dps arent supposed to pull but than again says we are all garbage..... do you guys ever run into toxic / idiots like this or is it just me?
Yes, but maybe don't namedrop, I think that's still against the forum rules.
All the time. You should edit out the name. That's a no no by blizzards rules.
Unfortunately people like this are the norm in wow, especially in LFD and battlegrounds.
I don't heal DPS who pull, because that will transfer the mob aggro to me. If they are as awesome as they think they are, they may live. Usually they die. Players dying used to stress me out, felt like a failure. Now I just laugh and take another swig of single malt. Chat rage just makes me laugh harder.

You guys do whatever, I'm sticking with the tank. Anyone with us gets healed, the rest of you are own your own. I'm not going to work overtime to keep some impatient jerk or idiot who just pulls whatever up.
At least he wasn't blaming the hunter!

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