[H]<Firefall>2/8M Recruiting Ranged DPS!

Greetings! Are you looking for a 2 night a week raiding guild? One that aims to push Mythic content without requiring you to have raid-ready alts? Do you enjoy dad jokes and bad puns both in-game and out? Then Firefall may be the guild for you!

We are in search of some highly skilled and motivated players to fill our ranks and push content as a guild throughout Battle for Azeroth! The ideal recruit will have an open mind when it comes to being a team player, accepting and building on constructive criticism, and helping the guild flourish as a whole.

Mage (High Priority)
Warlock (High Priority)
Demon Hunter
Don't see your class above? We are open to any ranged DPS spec! Message me to discuss your possible recruitment.

In need one 1 strong DPS w/ healing offspec for mythic progression.

Raid times:
Sunday: 6:30PM-9:30PM PST (9:30PM-12:30AM EST)
Monday: 6:30PM-9:30PM PST (9:30PM-12:30AM EST)

Off night raids (farm content) and raid nights that are rescheduled due to holidays are generally held on Wednesday nights at our usual raid time.

A few basic requirements:
WeakAuras (class/spec usage is personal choice, although recommended. We do use raid WAs and therefore require it of our raiders)
Exorsus Raid Tools
We require 90% attendance to maintain raider rank, but we also understand LIFE HAPPENS! We are always open to someone bumping down to casual raider rank until the real life stuff settles down.

Interested? Give me an add on Bnet to chat and see if we are the right fit for you!
Still looking for more recruits! Come get to know us while we gear up and get ready for that raid launch :)
Do you guys have a discord server?
Howdy Avium , I am a long time raider returning to the realm and would be interested in asking a few questions about your guild. I sent you a BTag invite
Hi, I've been thinking about moving to Hyjal for for the PST and looking for a guild to raid in for BFA. I haven't done mythic raiding before but when I was last playing, I completed heroic Nighthold as a Holy paladin with Stay on Target on my current server.

Wondering if this server and guild would be a good fit for me.
Hey there. Been a raider since vanilla, though I haven't been able to raid steady the past couple expansions due to my old job's shifting work schedule. Got a solid 9-5 now though. I live EST so I'll be home in plenty of time for raids (or off in the case of Sunday). I'm used to raiding 3 nights a week but 2 nights might be better for me now. More time to do mythic+, and I can still see my friends on the weekends.

I know my gear sucks. Not even up to running heroics yet. Just dinged 120 Sunday and only really had the weekend to play a lot since I didn't take off work at all for launch. Also decided to take my time a bit leveling and really soak in all the new zones and storylines and such. But now I'm pretty much done with that so I'm confident I'll be raid ready by the time Uldir hits. Just gotta get my chops back. Like riding a bike, right?

Kind of a long post for a guild thread, but I'm just looking forward to being part of a guild again. Didn't have the best luck with finding a guild at the start of Legion, and haven't been part of a proper raiding guild since like MoP ToT. "I'll just add you on bnet and shoot you a message" he says after typing this all out anyway. xD

Are there any tank positions open?
So many responses! I was just responding to bnet requests as I got them!
To answer you Shunea, unfortunately we don't have a full-time tanking position open, but we are always looking for DPS that is confident with their tanking capabilities in case the need arises!

Updating the post to reflect new needs - check it out!
Bumping to get in a few more DPS before we hit Uldir on Sunday!
On the lookout for more ranged dps to down H Uldir with us in preparation for Mythic in the next few weeks!
Updated progression - working on pushing more into Heroic next reset!
Looking for more ranged DPS while we begin stepping into Mythic Uldir!
This week's raiding begins tonight - still have time to begin trialing this reset!!

Recruiting more DPS for Mythic this upcoming raid week!
Updated recruitment needs!
Still looking for an Spriest?
Yes we are Gp - add me on bnet to further discuss! Avium#1886
Updated recruitment - in immediate need of a healer!
Updating progression! Still on the hunt to fill our healing roster
Movin up

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