[H]<Firefall>2/8M Recruiting Ranged DPS!

im a 365 mistweaver, recently guildless due to work, im 8/8N and 4/8H, also have a 360 brewmaster offset
Burbbles - add me on bnet to talk! If our raid days and times align with your work schedule, this sounds perfect. Avium#1886
Moving up! Looking for a few DPS for our Mythic roster!
Updating progression and recruitment needs! Looking for both melee and ranged DPS!
Bumping for more DPS - have space for trials tomorrow night!
In need of a solid mage DPS! Add me on b-net to get your trial set up to start with the reset. Avium#1886
Bumping for the sake of more dps! Not saved to Mythic? Come trial with us tomorrow evening!
Looking for a few dedicated and capable DPS for our core mythic group! Trial period can start tomorrow - add me on Bnet to chat: Avium#1886
Movin on up, on the hunt for a few more DPS as we push farther into Mythic!
Goin up

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