Are you really going to level 20-120?

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07/23/2018 01:10 PMPosted by Jïmjones
With the way leveling is currently not a chance.

^^ THIS ^^
I did void elf and highmountain so far. I'll do dark iron for sure.
Yas queen
Stalled out, will eventually.

I stopped leveling this toon and my other allied races. I don't enjoy leveling now since they nerfed heirlooms and scaled leveling.
Technically only 20 to 110.

Did it in exactly 45hrs played, so 30 minutes a level. Mostly questing with the occasional dungeon run.

60-80 still feels slow, mostly northrends fault, but it feels good through 50 and after 81.

Good amount of time to commit but not crazy.
I will for Void Elf, the others aren't worth it IMO.
Slow and steady! 19 to go!
I am. I want the armor for my Dark Iron. Not that hard with heirlooms. Not going to push though. Just take my time and enjoy. Love going through the old content.
Currently doing it right now
Did it for Highmountain tauren ... and probably won't do it again. Not really worth it, imo.
Doing it right now.
07/23/2018 01:10 PMPosted by Shadowregg
No, you're going to level from 20-120 for it.

Also false. Heritage armor unlocks at level 110.
I've unlocked all allied races. I can't do it. I've tried, but I have a life. With the amount of time it takes, it's just too long of a slog for me. Likely means I'll unsub for a while since leveling alts is fun for me up to a point. Not at snails pace though.
I unlocked it on my Mag'har. It's amusing that the boots are bugged and their feet clip through the boots.
Lol nope.
The void armor is tempting
Leveling 1-120, at 34 now. I do have looms but, I haven't done a leveling grind in a while, so far so good.
20-110 is cake once you reach level 80. 80-110 is butter.
I currently am leveling up in Northrend, Howling Fjord is only 7/12 done story quest wise, and so far I've gone up 4 levels by just doing quest (currently level 64 but my data has not updated yet) and only doing 1 dungeon (Uthgarde Keep, not random mind you, had a quest to do there). Its not as fast as some would prefer, but I'm not interested in spamming random dungeons or some other exp power grind (that I may not be aware of).

I try to do 5 levels a day, though that doesn't happen as much as I would like, lately its been more like 3 a day. Once the limit has been reached, I log off and play on a different character or if I'm not in the mood for WoW, I go play on my PS4 as far as finding ways to enjoy myself anyways.

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