Blizzard, You Rushed Battle for Azeroth

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Ill be so sad if you lose your MVP status because of valid criticism. Who knows maybe theyll take it more seriously. I usually get silenced for "trolling" with such vocal criticisms..
07/23/2018 08:57 PMPosted by Illidonkey
They are letting trolls be greens now? When is rastlin getting his green text?

What!? You call him troll because you disagree?

I don’t agree with him on the topic on lvling and warmode doesn’t mean his a troll...
OP you got my support and I fully agree with this:

07/23/2018 09:34 PMPosted by Sarissenis
The “we will finish your classes in 8.1” comment alone was disgraceful.
The “we will finish your classes in 8.1” comment alone was disgraceful.

How can they ship a AAA mmo thats been out for ten thousand years and consider that ok?
I agree with Neall
07/23/2018 07:40 PMPosted by Neall
To clarify - I am not the Creator or Owner of OpenRaid. I just host most of the events there.

My mistake! I was going off of things I saw in the achieve Discord at some point a bit back.

Apologies. Edited to correct myself.
...Introduce a “Loremaster Buff” that gives you four times (or ten times) the experience in specific regions of the world (Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor, Outlands or Northrend, Cataclysm or Pandaria, Draenor or Broken Shore – not the whole world so people can choose to take advantage of or to not take advantage of the buff). These are just a few ideas. Don’t rush the pre-patch, again. Don’t rush the launch again. Don't make these mistakes again.

I’m counting on you and believe in you.

Neall on Medivh

Interesting post and definitely had a lot of thought put into it.
This last part really intrigued me though, a buff that makes old content easier to level through after completion. Seems to me like this would both successfully encourage people to experience the whole questing experience while alleviating some concerns people have with the current levelling speed.

Would be excited to see Blizzard investigate upon this, even if the buff is only 50% increased xp.
07/24/2018 12:32 AMPosted by Seldorai
Blizz has already apologised for the screw up.

Nothing short anyone can do as Long as players continue to sub and play the game.

End of the day - the heads of the dept have to meet the deadline and answer to their shareholders.

Like it or not - better to roll out on time and fix it as it goes than to delay content.

There are lots of things to consider when they are working as a public listed company. It’s not just delaying after delaying until everything is perfect before rolling out.

Delaying = more resources spent = shareholders questioning on dept capability to deliver = lost confidence = investors pulling out

So while your concerns that Blizzard has fk up this time round - nothing short of saying “give yourself more time to do x things” is going to cut it.

They have to roll out things in a pace or design a system to keep players subscribed because thats just Business.

So unless you have personally run a billion dollar company yourself, you wouldn’t know the Deadlines and Red tapes involved in the business itself.

heck Neall, you don’t even have a proper system for your open raid runs. 99% of the time you just end up bringing your patreons and their alts for the achievement runs that mattered to most players.

The “community” you promised to help hardly gets the chance unless they are your patreon - in which only then were they given the date to be the front que in your open raid events.

And to end it with a “I believe in you” - what a hypocritical prick. So many of the Community in open raid believe in you - but you never deliver to them unless they pay. If anything, that statement is just to soften your criticism so that you don’t lose MVP.
You seem salty
I have just found mog sets are broken..after weeks of work to get a completed wont appear at the vendor or on the yak.

Add this to the list of things this patch broke.
07/23/2018 06:03 PMPosted by Ramshad
Believing that most of the developers have a great deal of say in when/how an expansion is launched is naive. The major shareholders, board members, and business leaders are the ones who make these types of calls in any publicly-traded company (unless, of course, the developers are also these same people!).

For reasons we do not know (and cannot know without insider knowledge), they estimated that the financial gain of releasing BFA at this time was higher than delaying it. They likely also estimated that any potential loss of subscribers due to early bugs would be either: A, temporary; B, not enough to cancel out the positive cash flow of releasing the expansion now.

So, while you can say, "Oh Blizzard, please take your time and release games later when they're perfect" all day long, that completely ignores the real and infinitely more pressing financial concerns of the company at large. The only way the company will change its policy is if, and only if, the drawbacks to releasing games "early" (in whoever's opinion that is) are more financially deleterious than any positives from releasing "early."

EDIT: By the way, I am an investment analyst and I have "retired" early due to my own investments, primarily in publicly-traded companies (and some land). Suffice to say, I understand how corporate governance functions, and if for some reason someone doubts the above---well, that person is wrong and clueless. Also, just for disclosure, I do own shares of Activision-Blizzard.

People shouldn't doubt that it's the way it works. Gamers can be naive but it's mostly because they are, as a whole, a younger demographic that haven't lived this story yet. Separating the suits from the creative teams when calling out people involved with ongoing development goes a long way to understanding the "why" and the "when" of things.

GCD changes being made to make it easier for the e-sport announcers is a big sign of this in action. A decision not made by the creative types but by the corporate interference to push for more e-sport friendly systems etc...

One need not look further than the money trail to find answers.
Yeah BfA is showing the same red lights that WoD did wehen it was in development. I think Blizzard is falling into the trap of overambition again.
Every company on the planet rushes everything they make, because they are controlled by their marketing departments decisions. That's why everything new is absolute crap for the first year or two it is available.
The removal of First Aid still makes me unreasonably angry. Expansions should add things, not remove systems because "oh only a few people use it lol", was it soooo taxing on Blizzard's servers to allow first aid to be a secondary profession?

Was it such a brutal affair for the world's most successful MMORPG to create like four new bandages per expansion?
The fire rises.
07/24/2018 12:53 AMPosted by Orhato
Yeah BfA is showing the same red lights that WoD did wehen it was in development. I think Blizzard is falling into the trap of overambition again.

Can you really call anything they're doing in BFA ambitious?
Ample time went into the development of Battle for Azeroth. They started the developmental process when Legion was barely into it's infancy. Just like they do nearly every expansion to date. One is released generally in the same time frame and has been done so the same way for well over a decade. I've personally had access to Beta for almost 4 months now. It's almost been an ENTIRE YEAR since BfA was announced.

Bugs happen, especially when you're doing with code from 2000 to 2003 before it was even released to the general public.

Having bugs doesn't equate to rushed content.
I'm bemused people are still white knighting for BfA.

I've been playing for 9 years, and there's nothing in it that seems compelling. Add to that the rushed nature of it, the 'we'll fix that later' attitude, the prune, the tepid overall theme, and it's time for a good solid break for the duration of BfA.
Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

A. I have worked for two of the largest corporations in the world, and am a shareholder of both. I know how corporations work. You're misinformed.

B. Here you are, again, accusing me of selling in game services for real world gold when it does not happen. The Patrons have told you it does not happen. I have told you it does not happen. The rosters from my events will show you it does not happen. But you don't listen. Yeah, you're salty.

C. I didn't take your undergeared character to a Chosen run and took better geared characters to the run. Yeah, you're salty.

D. In the post on the Achievements forum, I suggested you go buy those carries. I'm glad you listened to me - congrats on those.

E. All my Mythic Runs state specifically that Ilevel and Experience is a consideration for the run and they were and you didn't like that cause you weren't geared or experienced. Many of my Patrons were not geared or experienced. I'm sorry you all missed out. Yeah, you're salty. (They're not salty.)

F. All my Achievement Runs are first signed up, first approved. I post in many places when I post my events. You are slow to sign up for these and are so far down the list, you don't get in. Some of my Patrons are slow to sign up for these and are so far down the list, they don't get in. I'm sorry you all miss out. Yeah, you're salty. (They're not salty.)

G. Keep accusing me of violating the terms of service. It is reported every time.

H. As in the threads on the Achievements Forums, I have not yet called you names. Yeah, you're salty.

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