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Hey guys! I'm from Colorado Springs and I thought it would be a cool trend to start communities for each State/City. This can really help people come together and form bonds if they ever wanted to meet each other outside of WoW. (Please keep in mind to always be cautious of stranger danger though, lmao.) I met a really good friend of mine on WoW but I haven't met him since he's in Utah lol. Although social media and other things can be shared of course, it would be a plus to actually meet the person you form a bond with online wouldn't it?

Considering there are dating sites and other forms of searching online, I don't see the hurt in doing this on a video game.

Here's the alliance Link. I'll form a Horde one pretty soon.
Could not redeem. Link has expired ! Only been 4 hours. God I hope this is not going to be normal for everyone trying to join communities. People browsing but are to late because they are at work etc... and miss the invite.
Hey, also in colorado, although up north. I will join if you can provide another link. I have toons on both factions, but would prefer horde if possible since that's where I spend most of my time.
You will need to go into your community settings and change the invite code from temporary to permanent. Blizzard didn't exactly send out a users manual for this new feature, so unfortunately a lot of people are having this problem.
Ever think of making it a faction neutral community? (BNET)
Denver here.
Colorado Springs

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