Fire Mage’s Floating Flame Orbs Above Head Are Gone Now?

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Now I’ve seen some fire mages with the orbs still above their heads who don’t even have the Phoenix flames ability talented, so I’m wonderig how the hell do I get my flame orbs back above my head because the NPC by the mission board isn’t giving me the option anymore and there doesn’t appear to be a glyph. When I’ve asked those fire mages with them still they either don’t reply back or tell me they don’t know why they still have them.... whyyyyyyy :(
Yes. It's gone. There are like twenty-nine threads about it.
Poor mages, no longer able to have their firey balls.

C'mon Blizz! Let the mages set their balls on fire again!

Kind of wish it was a toggle thing like they had it. Don't understand why it had to just plainly be removed.

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