Is Warmode breaking quests?

I'm not paying $15 to work for blizzard fixing this garbage game. Low level questing with Warmode ON has prevented me from turning in an obnoxious amount of quests.

This is JV garbage that the intern is supposed to catch. Not a a fully fleshed out 14 year old MMO.

Small indie company right?

I'm tired of submitting bug reports. So is my wallet.
Playing in Warmode is basically playing on a PvP server. On a PvP server, players of the opposite faction can and do kill the npc's that you turn quests into.

I'm not sure if that is your problem or not. I have not seen any other reports of Warmode causing phasing problems for quest turn ins.
Only bug with quests I've had is it breaks the lesser invasions on argus. They are stuck being completed and won't restart unless you turn off warmode, but that's not a turning in the quest issue, that's a trying to complete it issue.

As far as I know quests in the open world are fine, which quests/zones are you running into issues with.

Because it (mostly) works like a PVP server used to it is not uncommon to find quest NPCs have been killed by the opposing faction and you cant turn in quests.

Or are you running into issues where even if the NPC is alive you still cant turn in the quest?
Objects and NPCs are missing because of this phasing garbage.

Whenever I tp back to stormwind and turn off warmode and spend 15 minutes flying back to some far away zone, then I can turn in the quest.
Yeah, someone is killing them, hoping to gank you, or to frustrate you - and they're obviously doing that.
I noticed the Archaeology vendor was missing in Warspear. Turned off War-Mode, went back, he was there. Turned War-Mode on, went back - he was gone again. There are definitely people killing quest NPC's, vendors, auctioneers, etc. in War Mode and that's probably what most of these issues are related to.

I did run into an issue with one of the NPC's in Krokuun though (Shattered Fields) - but that was a bug? existing since before pre-patch where the demons kill Grand Vindicator Sorvos and he takes ~10 minutes to respawn (and you can't progress the quest line without him).

Right now there will be a slew of people killing enemy faction NPC's out of boredom. And in BFA there will be people doing it just to keep you from completing things which will give their faction an edge. I think the sharding for PvP phases has made it where you will experience a lot more PvP than you grew accustomed to on a PvP server prior to War Mode. Servers that were Horde or Alliance dominant will encounter a lot more dead NPC's and opposite faction death squads. I think it'll be good for world PvP, but it will also slow you down in PvE, so be ready for it - This is why you get 10% more XP/WQ rewards and 4 extra talents.
Hi there Blizzard community,
I have found and tested the bugs myself for the past week and have found that war mode does in fact cause some quests/World quests to break.

This issue is present in some quests/world quests associated to "World of Warcraft: Legion". As a Tester in my career I was able to test these issues and have found that disabling war mode will resolve these issues.

If you have further questions place let me know. I am spot testing World of Warcraft and will be reporting any additional bugs found. Sorry for any inconvenience these bugs have caused you. Please let me know if there is anything else you need.

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