Any horde casual guilds?

Quel'dorei and Sen'jin
I never have luck on realm forums as they seem to only ever have guilds looking for raiders...but what the heck.

I play both factions. In bfa i want play horde a lot more than I've been. I made new characters like this lock and i have a sub lvl 20 mage as well.

Im interested in a friendly guild. Simply put the game is more fun when there's folks to interact with. I do all the main things ....bgs....questing...dungeons etc. I just dont raid...besides occasional lfr..

I'm over 21 (a LOT over) so if a guild has a large adult player base...bonus.

Anyway thanks for reading.
You are welcome to join us. You can add me on Bnet Delata#1679. We fit that pretty well =D
Thank you. I wont be able to log into the game until tonight or tomorrow morning but i very well may join you.
Hi Valenthria,

Our guild, Villains, is a new casual raiding guild here on Sen'Jin. Leadership in our guild has played since BC/Vanilla and we are looking to add to our raid team. We have a casual approach to the game but still desire progression. 99% of our members are a lot over 21 as well. Add me on bnet ixisharks#1468 so I can answer your questions.

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