Shok'Thokar mobs not respawning

Bug Report
Since people who completed Desolace before prepatch weren't able to get an easy exalted with the Centaur clans, Blizzard decided to make the mobs in this area in the Desolace give rep so people like me could at least grind if they wanted to get rep. Not a good solution by any means considering the massive difference in time/effort, but a workable solution for at least a small bit.

Sadly.. these mobs aren't respawning. I'm here,as are others, just flying around, nothing but enemy corpses all over the place. Nothing is respawning at all. The rep grind is IMPOSSIBLE in this state.
I believe this is because if you have completed the questline and are now phased like I am. If you fly away from the area a bit you can see the mobs running around. As you approach, you enter the "completed questline phase".

Making it impossible to farm for the reputation.
So they added rep to the mobs so people who completed the questline can at least grind it (horrible solution since new people can get the rep in 10 minutes, a bloody script could've solved this right and proper), but they added it to phased mobs, which the people who've completed the questline can't even see?

Meaning this solution.. is literally a wasted effort and solves nothing?

... I wish I was surprised, I genuinely do. Instead I'm just disappointed. Blizzard, what in the world happened to you?
Sometimes I really feel like the player base knows Warcraft better than its developers...

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