"It Matters" was a stupid campaign

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i thought it was pretty funny. the first one i saw was the bus one, that had me loling pretty good
They're fine. Of course an MMO is going to have socially awkward kids who need to be contrarians on every single topic, though.

I remember those days.
This is the new "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" I guess..

Kinda funny, kinda silly, totally irrelevant to actual players of the game IMO.
07/25/2018 12:20 AMPosted by Æthelwulf
Wagnerian Opera Singer J.G. Wentworth (I have a structured settlement and I need cash now!...stahp my ears are bleeding!!!!)

It's your money, get it when you need it!

I had almost forgotten...

07/24/2018 06:36 PMPosted by Harnzan
Not all marketing campaigns appeal to everyone. It’s for people who like the idea with faction pride. Not ones with sticks up their $&@

faction pride is not why these ads are bad
I'm not saying they are hilarious, they are just kinda funny, but still, chill out guys.
If you are having trouble accepting these types of "fun", you are taking life waaaaaaaaaay too seriously.
I wish they had spent that money on game development instead. Maybe hire more than 2 guys to work on class design?
these commercials are bad. remember when we got ozzy? Now we get a bus full of fat shleps and they blew their entire budget hiring an attractive girl.

bad ads are bad
I'm not a suprised OP is a RP player and complains about the adverts.
I play both factions and I thought the umbrella and bus ones were funny but to each their own I suppose. Heck I even showed it to my husband who doesn't actually play (he boosted a character after getting a free copy from the movie hasn't touched it since) and he found it funny.
The elevator is the only one I didn't like. All of the others were good!
I would like the commercials if there were anything for Horde to be proud of. As it stands, there isn't, so it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
07/25/2018 06:57 AMPosted by Tormento
The elevator is the only one I didn't like. All of the others were good!

Agreed. The elevator one just fell flat in my opinion, but I liked the other ones. I won't say they are the best commercials ever, but I liked them.
Can't wait for the memes.
blizzard is marketing Battle for Azeroth as a Faction War expansion, what matters in a faction war? the factions. so why would blizzard advertise people of both factions getting along if the focus was about the people of opposing factions fighting and killing each other?

but i mean advertisements are totally true and every single polar bear drinks coke all the time right?
I am amused
All this over a videogame LOL
These ads were stupid and smelly and ugly and they leave a bad taste in your mouth somehow.
I actually kinda like the ads themselves.

"IT MATTERS" as a slogan is horribly tone-deaf. There is a huge social movement in the USA, and however you personally view it, it's pretty stupid for a company to adopt and make levity with a nod towards racial inequality and violence.

I'm not saying anyone can't say anything--I'm observing the obvious reality that, if your living relies on a public impression, then you probably don't want to alienate half the country, unless your product or service only speaks to that other half.
It's silly, that's all it really is. It's like when coke makes fun of pepsi, or wendy's roasts the other fast food joints. At this point nobody should really care.

It doesn't have a deeper meaning than that.

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