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current level: 70
/played: 1 day 19 hours 5 minutes
health: 6.7k
dungeon logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/GxwMngH17FkfNATD/

Today I got to play longer than I expected and was able to get to level 70! I'm still not done with Howling Fjord yet, there's 4 quest lines left to go. I'd say probably another 2-4 hours of things to do there. Compared to any of the Classic zones, the number of questlines and actual quests is MUCH higher.

I did several dungeons today as well, both WotLK ones and BC, the only one I had an issue with was Drakkari Colossus in Gundrak - he just froze and we were stuck in combat. We got him to reset once, but the same thing happened again, so we left. Every other dungeon was fine for the most part, less dying in the fights it seems, though dungeon times still seem a little long, over 20 minutes. The dungeon quests are easier to turn in for all dungeons in this level range which is nice.

Not sure if I'll play at all tomorrow but pretty happy with the progress so far. It turns out that things were easier last night due to a hotfix they applied to lower the health and damage of mobs, and overall has been very noticeable to me. I don't know about the next expansion ranges, but right now feels much better, though I would like to see quest experience increased some, and maybe some dungeon quests as well.

edit: I take it for granted sometimes that I have heirloom gear on, and I'd say the difficulty and xp gain right now feels like what it should be baseline. For heirlooms, things should be easier and faster imo.
IMO levels 60-80 take a disproportionately long time compared to other level ranges. You'll probably spend another 12-14 hours maybe even more going 70-80. 80-100 is significantly less time, well if you have Draenor flying that is. 80-90 was probably a 8 hour leveling through MoP zones, if you were to pick cata, Hyjal>Vashjir imo. It only took me about 3 and a half hours to level through draenor. Just grab 3 exp potions from garrison QM and stick to treasures and bonus objectives if you have flying.
current level: 74
/played: 2 days 54 minutes

Today I finished up Howling Fjord, having artisan flying has certainly helped with getting from quest to quest. I wanted to mix things up after spending so much time in one zone so I took a break and finished up the Northern Exposure achievement.

I decided to go to Outland next, specifically Netherstorm. I don't have any of the zone quest achievements in Outland and always thought that place was really interesting, and maybe fitting for a void elf to visit. Quest xp is about 16k here, maybe a little bit more than before but leveling feels slow. usually I get about halfway to a level with quests and then a dungeon will get the other half. at about an hour per level I have a long way to go still.

I had the same problem in Gundrak today I had yesterday, but no bugs with any others. the Slave Pens had significantly more xp for its dungeon quests, 30k compared to the usual 15k, and it felt good.

Sub is still my favorite right now, but I'll probably play Sin more once Toxic Blades is unlocked. I'm 4 levels away from the Rogue mastery which should be nice, though it looks to be pretty unrewarding after that - the last spell unlocks at 80, then the talents at 90 and 100. this probably contributes to why this leveling range is slow for a lot of people, just not much character progression at all.
current level: 79
/played: 2 days 7 hours

Today was the first day I played since the recent XP hotfix, leveled from 76-79. I would say it's slightly noticeable, though not quite what people have been wanting. I think if they bumped up quest rewards by 1000-2000 xp per quest it would be just about right. At my current level, quests are giving 17k xp, or abou 4% of the xp needed to level, 5-6% and it would be feeling pretty nice. I do appreciate what they have done so far though.

Tonight I got my mastery finally, which makes my finishers more potent. I switched to marked for death from vigor and the enemies are going down far quicker. MfD is good in dungeons too from all the adds dying. I did two tonight, Halls of Stone and the Magister's Palace. We died a lot in Magister's palace, maybe from the tank losing aggro. I need to set up a focus macro for tricks of the trade before I do another dungeon.

I'm still questing in Netherstorm, though I'm not sure if I'll be able to get the achievement here until later. There's a few quests that require a 5-man group and I don't really know if it's worth it for just a couple of quests. Tomorrow I'll probably just try to get to 80 and head on to Pandaria! I played during Cata but didn't during MoP, so I've probably spent the least amount of time there of any zone, though I enjoyed it the last time I quested there. I'm hoping the leveling pace picks up in the 80-90 range. Draenor I've done a bunch of times, so I'll probably just do the bonus quests and get treasures and it usually goes pretty fast.
current level: 81
/played: 2 days 9 hours

Today I finished up the Netherstorm quests that I could finish, but there were a few dungeon quests and some group quests that I couldn't get done without wasting a lot of time. I did the Arcatraz tonight and that's what got me to 80, and then I went straight back to Stormwind to get Master flying and go to Pandaria. I did the intro quests and some of the first few and did Temple of the Jade Serpent. I don't think I'd ever done any of the Pandaria dungeons, so looking forward to more of them,

I finally have all the Rogue spells, just need those last two talents that make all the difference, especially for Sin. I don't really want to play Sin until I have Toxic Blade, but Sub doesn't really change much. I'll probably be using MoS most of the time and it just makes your Shadow Dance windows smoother energy-wise, and Dark Shadow is yet another passive. Secret Technique isn't simming better than MoS atm sadly, I might use it anyway.

It's hard to tell by one level but it seemed to go by pretty quick. I don't have a lot of energy to keep going tonight but tomorrow I'm hoping to get to 84, more than that would be pushing it - I have a job and a life. At least at the current pace - I hope they do some more tweaks. I will be for sure over 60 hours just getting to 90, and then there's still 30 more levels.
current level: 85
played: 2 days 14 hours
logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Ygt8Zm2Lq1BbpNJr/

Tonight I fnished up the Krasarang Wilds quests and got the achievement. This was a fun zone, I like the pacing and the Red Crane story. I might do Kunlai Summit next, but Jade Forest IS really beautiful. One thing I noticed about the questing is that there are more quests that give extra xp - the average was around 18k but there were several that gave over 20k.

I did a couple of dungeons tonight and while we got through them, I think Pandaria dungeons overall are a bit overtuned. I did Stormstout Brewery and we died a bunch of times in here, and the tanks still lose threat and then I die pretty quick. I might have to use Tricks of the Trade a bit earlier perhaps. Shado-Pan Monastery was a bit better, though we died a few times to trash here as well. The XP overall was NOT worth it - the end of the dungeon bonus seemed smaller than BC/Wrath and there are less dungeon quests. I tried a Cata dungeon too but those are WAY overtuned. I left because the tank left after about 5 minutes. This was in Blackrock Caverns.

So tomorrow I'll probably just do questing non-stop through Pandaria to get to Draenor, and that to me is the home stretch. I've leveled so many characters through Legion I feel like I could do it in my sleep. If I get through Draenor on Saturday I should have no problem getting to 110 before the BFA launch, and maybe have time to get geared up a bit.
2 days 14 hours to 85 with heirlooms. Ugh, it hurts.
I'm pretty shocked that they think this is an acceptable leveling speed.
first time ok, but this just feels like a second job at this point. I started playing in wrath.
Pick up herbalism and mining. They buffed the xp, and made it so grey nodes still give xp. Every node is worth 3 kills, or maybe 1/10 a quest. I was running around Teldrassil, herbing, and pulling in 200k xp an hour at 45 or so. Questing at the same level was about 300k. Herbalism and mining now really add to xp.

-edited to correct quest xp ratio-
Do you have a 110? You can buy an heirloom “toy” that unlocks all flightpaths on each continent. Use it on a low level and you gain the flight paths

The toy unlocks *some* flight points .

Not all. Not by a long shot. It unlocks perhaps a third.
current level: 92
played: 2 days 22 hours

Today I powered through Kunlai Summit and dinged 90 on the last quest to get the achievement. I didn't plan that, but it was perfect. I didn't do any dungeons, just straight quests. Once that was done, I did the intro to WoD quests and unlocked the garrison. That got me to around 91 1/2, and I flew around getting treasures to get to 92.

At this point I'm not really concerned about getting achievements or finishing the story - I played a lot in WoD and have pretty much seen everything. Tomorrow I'm just going to do the bonus objectives and loot treasures. Right now quests give about 20K xp, and the treasures give 15K. It seems so low compared to when WoD was current - I remember the treasures giving around 26k. I might try out some dungeons as well, but I'm pretty leery of them given my MoP experience.

Rogue as a class feels more complete now, Sub was starting to feel weak without Dark Shadow, now it's super bursty again and feels great. I gave Slice and Dice a try as Outlaw, but it's been nerfed so much it doesn't feel like it's helping at all. I'll probably level with loaded dice and use Alacrity for end game stuff. Sin feels pretty good too, though Toxic Blade/Exsanguinate usually go to waste on regular mobs so it's hard to get a good feel without downing some bosses with it.
current level: 99
played: 3 days 4 hours

Today I just did more of the same, doing the bonus objectives and treasures. I did end up doing Blood Maul Slag Mines last night and Iron Docks today, neither were too bad really but the xp was not worth the time. the bonus at the end is about 115,000 with the xp potions on, but you can get the same from doing the bonus objectives for much less time.

At 98 I went ahead and started Legion - if you go to Stormwind/Ogrimmar and relog, you'll get the quest. I've gotten the Outlaw artifact already and done the beginnings of Stormheim to get to 99. The bonus objectives in legion are worth about half what the ones in Draenor are worth, and take a lot longer. I might go back to WoD just because the xp/time is a lot better. Mobs in Legion are ridiculous easy now, even though I have no gear and am not at the cap. As soon as I hit 100 I'll start doing Legion dungeons.
Nice journal,

I did 1-110 on a shadow priest right as prepatch launched and hit max around july 28th

Saw on july 27th that lvl 15-100 mobs hp were nerfed by up to 24% (feels bad)

But now that you leveled with that nerf apply, how was the transition from WoD to legion? When I ended wod the average monster had between 6-8k (quest bosses had about 15-20k) and monsters in legion had barely 4k health.. which made it a walk in the park..

Did you feel that same huge difference when you transitionned to legion?
08/04/2018 01:21 PMPosted by Aedyrdrys
Mobs in Legion are ridiculous easy now, even though I have no gear and am not at the cap. As soon as I hit 100 I'll start doing Legion dungeons.

No real point in leveling dungeons in legion.

A week of invasions getting up to 1.5 levels per invasion was enough to get me 98 to 109, 16 minutes for 108-109.
current level: 110
/played: 3 days 14 hours 8 minutes

There you have it. Once you hit Legion things go pretty good - most quest mobs are weak, with a few exceptions. Invasion mobs are still strong, as are the Exodar scenario mobs, pretty much everything else feels pretty undertuned - or just right depending on how you look at it. I did Stormheim and Highmountain completely, got the achievements, and dinged in Nelfarion's Lair. I've got the heritage armor, and I'm pretty happy about that, but I feel like I need a wow break for like a week.


20-60 was relatively easy questing, but dungeons are still tuned too high, and tanks/healers struggle too much. i think this especially should be looked into, since we need more people willing to play those roles.

60-80 is the main drag, and it could use some definite help. I think the dungeon xp doesn't go up enough as you level, and could use a bump here too. Northrend quests are better, more straightforward, with Outland having more group quests and lots of unusual quest items.

80-90 has great questing in Pandaria, but the dungeons can be pretty punishing and not really worth the xp anymore. Random BGs are a good option if you like pvp, much faster.

90-100 is quicker if you have flying. Doing the bonus objectives in every zone will get you to 100 pretty quick, and maybe treasure hunting as well.

86 total played hours to get this character to max level, and that's not even close to prepared for bfa. Its defnitely doable, but I think it could use some more xp increases. The current pace feels like what it should be baseline, and not someone wearing full heirlooms. XP in dungeons should be buffed in general, especially in the 60-100 range.
08/05/2018 10:34 PMPosted by Frimousse
Nice journal,

I did 1-110 on a shadow priest right as prepatch launched and hit max around july 28th

Saw on july 27th that lvl 15-100 mobs hp were nerfed by up to 24% (feels bad)

But now that you leveled with that nerf apply, how was the transition from WoD to legion? When I ended wod the average monster had between 6-8k (quest bosses had about 15-20k) and monsters in legion had barely 4k health.. which made it a walk in the park..

Did you feel that same huge difference when you transitionned to legion?

Yes, mobs in legion were weaker than at any point while i was leveling, feels pretty strange. i think they are planning on "fixing" that by making them harder soon, so glad i finished this now.

86 total played hours to get this character to max level, and that's not even close to prepared for bfa. e.

2 Hours to get to 190 along with some other stuff done. Log in/log out to get the quest to go see Anduin

Premade beta chars started at 180 from memory.
Made a case for spending that 60 bucks for sure. Sounds like hell to someone whose done it 11 times. Thanks for taking time posting this, I give up at level 45 I just can't. Blizz wins, 60 bucks versus 3 and a half DAYS? Yeah. Heritage armor doesn't look all that hot tbh.
The big question is why bother with vanilla while ion is hitting alting so hard.
Part of me wants to get all the heritage armors, but I'm not gonna go through this again for a while. I think around 60 hours played should be /played range it should take,.

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