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Quel'dorei and Sen'jin
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Heroes Õf Azeroth is now recruiting for raiders that are looking for raiding guild for BFA.We also like to do PvP RBGS,achievements / transmogs durning our off days from raiding for fun.We are on Quel'dorei / Sen'jin server.We also have a discord for raiding and other stuff and we have 5 officers to help me and the guild out.Once you join the discord you need to apply like answering some questions to join the guild.You can look at our wowprogress to see were out progressing is at.Hope to see you guys join us and looking forward to raid with us and if you have any questions please add me on battle.net ShadowMooCow#1715
Guild discord:https://discord.gg/EZHuy9h
Guild WoWProgress:https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/sen-jin/Heroes+%C3%95f+Azeroth
Also we have a community if you guys want to join us.Here is the link https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/invite/OV3w4pwfVO4?region=US&faction=Horde
Any level 110 is welcome to join.
Any level 110 and casual players can join us.
Joib our guild today!!
join today!
Any 110 want to join my guild?
Who wants to join us?
We are still looking for more players to join us
we are taking break legion raiding and waiting for bfa anyone is still welcome to join us.
anyone lf casual guild on this server?
come join us today!
Who here seeking guild to join?
Who here needs a guild?
We are still recruiting!
Anyone want to join us?
who here need good guild?
Anyone looking for guild and want to join us?
Anyone looking for guild and want to join mine?

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