<The Ashlanders>

Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council
Are you returning to WoW after a long break or are you looking for a home where it's friendly, helpful and stress free ? Where you are not pressured to do anything. Well, <The Ashlanders> is the place to be! We pride ourselves in helping others, having fun and being like family. We are a social leveling guild. We do guild events, mythic (+) runs and so much more! We are looking full active members to build our ranks for BfA. All levels and classes welcomed. We also have discord, website and a Facebook as well! If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask! :)

-Alfar (Assistant GM)

Server: Shadowcouncil/BlackwaterRaiders -US

Sister guilds: <Dark Ash> on horde (same servers)-US

Contact info: MsAlex#1985(assistant GM)
Surrh#1887 (assistant GM)
Great group of ppl, highly recommend!

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