Returning player lf Active guild

Mok'Nathal and Silvermoon
I'm a returning player looking to find a group to do hopfully Heroic raids to get and some casual PVP.

My main is WW/Brewmaster monk but i have Warlock/Paladin/Mage/Hunter leveled to 110 and can switch if need be.

i do work a full time job atm so around 8-12 PM raiding is what i'm hoping for.

feel free to message me any questions
Hello! Asurek!
<Bloodlust Tribe> is looking for new members for our raid team. All roles are available.
1. Time: Friday and Saturday at 9 PM - 12 AM Pacific (server time).
2. Server: Mok'nathal and Silvermoon-US
3. Faction preference: Horde
4. Semi-Casual raid environment (We can get a bit goofy at times)
5. Contact info: Please message Jeannedarc of <Bloodlust Tribe>(SIlvermoon) or you can contact me at MadiRAWR#1266.
6. Progression: Our goal is to complete AOTC for each teir.
7. DBM is required. Must be able to listen to voice chat ( you do not need a mic)

Some of our guildies partake in late night pvp. They mostly do bgs and duel in Durotar. :)

Thanks for your consideration.

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