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This is a time stamp to a question recently asked during the Q&A and the answer is rather interesting, but needs some clarification. He states they'll be able to be traded going forward and that they don't want to mess with the allocation of said mounts to the right people.

So in the unfortunate case of a mount dropping and going to someone who is unwilling to trade it to the person that has been deemed deserving of it, will a GM be able to remove the mount from said person or is it just bad luck and Ion is lying?
99% sure it'll be tradeable but absolutely nothing you can do if the person who has it won't trade it.

That was the point of the master loot removal right? Removal of the "tyranny" of guild leaders or whatever.
Nope. Ion is saying that Blizzard trusts that the random guild guy is going to honestly trade the mount to the guildy it should go to. But the guild raid leaders and loot councils are too dishonest to be able to be trusted in handing out gear.

makes sense/10
This is less likely to affect guild runs and more likely to affect pug groups. We've already seen it this expansion. Groups of 20 form to farm the mythic Gul'dan mount. Everyone agrees to stick around for 20 weeks so everyone gets their mount and to pass the mount to the person assigned to receive it that week - however that was determined. The first few weeks go off without a hitch. Then people who already won the mount get tired of running every week for no reward and start not showing up. You fill in with new people and let them know they're at the end of the line and you'll try to get to them. Eventually, someone wins the personal loot lottery who isn't in line for the mount for weeks or months - they decide not to pass it and leave. It's already happened many times. This is the chance you take in joining these groups. Not to say that it couldn't happen in a guild run - an unhappy guildie waiting to win the personal loot lottery before he rage quits the guild - I just think it's less likely.

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