Do new people hate leveling?

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I remember when I started to play WoW in BC and the most common complaint then was no easy path to group content and leveling was slow and boring. The game was still shiny and running a like beast and the devs still did a major nerf in 2.3.0.

So nah people hated it then when they gained a lots of new players.
Hate is a strong word, but my new friend is bored to death. Leveling to her feels uneven and unpolished. It's a slog without a carrot - it's all stick. The rewards longtime players once had are gone - talents to choose, new abilities to be excited for, new gear that drops (slots that are now taken up by heirlooms.) You just keep smashing away in quests that hold no meaning for you.

The story is disjointed and there is so much bloat. Dynamic leveling was a great idea, but slowing the process was not.

So yes, some new players hate leveling and just want to get to the end.
Real question is just how many new players this game draws anymore. I have only met maybe 2 people in game over the last several years that claimed to be new to this game. And caught one of them in lie a few weeks later after they asked for a battlenet friend request. Met that person while questing in the barrens. Anyhow a few weeks later checking out the friends list to see who was on, noticed this person on a level 100 toon(not the toon he was using when questing in the barrens). Asked if he bought a cash shop boost? He said nope, and that he had that character since cata at 85, and just decided to go ahead, and level it to max. I guess he had forgot that only a couple weeks earlier he told me he was new to the game, and had only been playing for a couple weeks lol. I question anyone who makes that I'm a new player claim lol. When you can buy the base game with xpacs up until current one for peanuts now, you cant ever tell who is new. and who isn't, unless you try, and armory search every single person who makes the claim lol. Even at that there are plenty of multiple account holders nowadays who duel box, and what not, and can just hop on a character, and say oh lookie i'm a new player lol.
A lot of *new* people may not know where the forums are...
07/26/2018 11:28 AMPosted by Stench
Leveling should be as slow or as fast as you want. Period. Your personal experience means virtually nothing in the conversation of a community-based game. It doesn't matter if YOU like slow or fast.

If you want slow, don't wear heirlooms.

If you want fast, wear heirlooms.

Additionally, it's time for heirlooms to increase XP yield percentages. We're approaching level 120 using XP bonuses designed with level 80 in mind. Either bump the yield or add more items for open slots.

Heirlooms should increase in +xp % power for each toon you've levelled to max. Level 10 toons to max, your heirlooms get an additional +10% bonus to xp, each. You've proven that you've seen the content, over and over.
It's anecdotal evidence, but 3 coworkers got into WoW. They were all new players and were very excited, convincing me to resub.

None of the 3 still play. None of them made it past lvl 65, let alone joined me in Legion content. So, here I sit with 1 month left on my sub and an expansion purchased I probably won't really play.
seems so far they like it, I know my friend quit due to it being tedious to barley breathe and kill things, he is trying again and is in his 90s currently. (last time he quit by 40 due to how stupidly easy it was to level)
I enjoyed it the first time, mayyybe the second. But now its more economical to go work a few hours and buy a boost than to slave away for days leveling through content I've done 213819238 times. The scaling didn't make anything more fun to me, it just made one of the most boring activities take even longer.
I have some new friends leveling and they are having a rough time. I think it might just be coincidence that they hit 60 the same time the prepatch dropped so they are hit with twice the impact. Not only do they have to deal with significantly longer kill times but they just got into the zones where questing is really outdated. It's a bit jarring going from the semi updated 1-60 zones to BC/WotLK. It would be nice if all of 60-90 was bc/wotlk/cata/mop scaled so newer players wouldn't be interrupted with jarring zones.
My SO and a few people in my dungeon earlier said they were having a good time. One of them didn't even know how it was prior to this patch but they said they liked the dungeons.
If they really wanted to make it fair, create a tabard that gives +5% XP per max level you have.
it is better to level solo than in a 2 toon party.
There is about a 56% experience penalty in a 2 toon party.
But you kill faster...
Also if another toon takes a shot at your target, you are penalized by a like amount from the kill.
07/26/2018 11:55 AMPosted by Ragequitten
A lot of *new* people may not know where the forums are...

that was my thought too, a lot of them are probably just playing the game... or not. I guess in my mind the new player should have the experience they're looking for vs my experience leveling my 15th alt.

It does sound like there are plenty of people on both sides of the leveling speed fence, regardless of if they're new or old though.
I enjoy leveling, feel like I am "getting to know" my new toon. When I need a break I play my main.
07/26/2018 08:44 AMPosted by Sweep
Curious if the majority of new players like or dislike leveling now.
I am sure there are both kinds of new players. While we cannot know the ratio between them, we know that Blizzard has added features for both kinds:

1. The free boost, plus free unlimited "level 100 trial characters" in all classes, are clearly targetted at "max level players".

2. The 7.3.5 and 8.0 changes to the leveling game are clearly targeted at "players who care about the leveling game."

In MMO tradition (going back to D&D in the 1970s) questing and exploring WERE the game. There was no "end game". And WoW excels at being a traditional MMO. Almost all MMOS have a "leveling game". Not all have an endgame. There is no question that there is an constant supply of new customers for "WoW, the excellent leveling game".

But some other games have PVP and some others have high-level raids/dungeons. So there are also new players who join WoW, and want to do PVP or raiding as soon as possible. They have played max level characters in other games, and want that.
Out of the four people that I know who tried WoW for the first time since 7.3.5, not one of them stuck around long enough to hit maximum level. One said he didnt think he "had the time" for the game, and the other 3 frankly said they found it boring.
I can speak for my start of Legion experience, may say BC and WOTLK is the issue, they are right. I only farmed dungeons, and was on the verge of quitting in WOTLK, stuck it out, and am still here.
07/26/2018 10:56 AMPosted by Miiada
I've seen it so many times that I don't really care anymore.

Boosting or not. It doesn't make any difference.

If I level an alt, I'm doing the content again for the <grandiose number> time.

If I boost a new character, I'm doing the same content I've done for the last year.

It's a wash, really.

This, honestly. The old world is filled with old and outdated quests and design decisions that we've been through dozens of times already. Often it is a lonely experience as well because the playerbase is in current content all the time.
I find a lot of new players are used to f2p/p2p style of playing nowadays, they want instant gratification.

Most older players that don't like leveling is because they have been through the process numerous times and feel that they know the story line and shouldn't be bothered with repeatably doing the same content. Which is reasonable and understandable.

As an altoholic I don't mind leveling over and over with different characters and wouldn't be apposed to having extra xp% gains like i have with my current heirlooms I wear.
07/26/2018 11:29 AMPosted by Amadori
I remember when I started to play WoW in BC and the most common complaint then was no easy path to group content and leveling was slow and boring. The game was still shiny and running a like beast and the devs still did a major nerf in 2.3.0.

So nah people hated it then when they gained a lots of new players.

I started in TBC and honestly if the game hadn't been as good as it was for the time I'd have quit due to leveling. My friends were all capped and all they could do was dungeons for me while I sat back and watched!

Back then there was no way to test a class, and some classes didn't get core abilities until their 50's. I'd level a toon to 30ish when it really started getting long, decide I didn't like being a gnome or a shaman or whatever and reroll to see if I'd have more fun. I must've done that 5 times. Over the years, dozens. The game's a lot different now, and the fact that over the years I have never been able to convince any of my gamer friends to play for more than a few months speaks volumes to the amount of dedication you need (and especially once needed) as a new player. Even a diehard "casual" like myself.

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