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09/03/2018 11:52 AMPosted by Greiver
1000+ Ultramarine Ink that's just taking up space now. Fingers crossed for Ink Trader coming with tomorrow's reset.

*1 month later*

Okay I've crossed every body part I have and am starting to move on to my belongings. I've began in my room with crossed dressers.

Wait that didn't come out right.
So basically what everybody is wondering if or when is an ink trader going to be implimented, making thousands of inks with nothing to use them on and those of us on really low pop servers theres no auction house value for them since there is literally millions of inks available with nothing to use them on.
I'm on 2 servers. On the FULL one, ultramarine ink is at 0.44 (44 silver) each. But I have no idea if anyone actually buys them for that price. Why would they?

Realistically, they are not sellable.
I fully expect them to implement the trader and it require the use of crimson or whatever the green ink is called.
Its nearly 2 months into Battle for Azeroth, and the ink trader still has not been updated. This is unacceptable, and is pure laziness on the Dev team. I understand making us wait maybe a month, six weeks tops, but more than that is completely dropping the ball.
Any updates to this would be great. Tell us to go away or something, just give us some information blizz.

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