Thinking about coming over.

Kirin Tor, Sentinels, and Steamwheedle Cartel
Hey there,

Former serious raider who spent the last expansion, my first without any sort of leadership commitment, on a quiet server not all that different from this. I enjoy CC/SoE more or less, but KT/Sent/SWC has considerably lower ping for me so I thought I'd come over and test the waters a bit.

Everything I managed to do outside of RBGs during Legion was though pugging, but I'm open for joining a guild that is laidback but still manages to knock a few bosses over each week.

I prefer Alliance greatly, but not against going Horde for a good fit.

If you think that we might have a mutual benefit from getting together, hit me up.

Thanks for reading.
We might be the guild for you! See my post at and let me know if it sounds like we might be a good fit.
Even if we aren't, good luck in your search!
Alliance is more active on the raid scene here (13 of top 20).

<Certified Fresh> (2/11M) might be more serious about knocking down bosses than what you want. Shadow Order (3/11 H) is a good laid back guild.

You can always check Wowprogress for what level of raiding you are looking for:
Thanks for the feedback guys, I think ill just move my Warrior over and see what happens.

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