<Lose Your Life> 3/8 M Uldir LF DPS

<Lose Your Life> is a semi-hardcore heroic & mythic progression guild that puts community first. We challenge ourselves with the hardest content the game offers and still remain friends at the end of the night. Our end game goal is to obtain cutting edge for each raid tier.

We have a long history of boss kills going all the way back to Vanilla and many fond memories from those nights that we look back on with laughter.

We are looking for more nerds to help us down content and strengthen our long lasting community. Players that like to run mythic + and take charge of community events also highly considered.

Raiding members are expected to sim, keep up to date on their class changes, review their own logs, do their homework on boss fights and finish a mythic plus each week.

Currently Recruiting: All DPS (Full on Hunters, Paladins & Rogues)
*Recent logs required for applicants interested in raiding
*355+ Ilvl | 23+ Azerite Neck lvl

Current Progression: 3/8 M Uldir | 8/8 H Uldir AOTC

Raid Times: Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 PM - 12:00 EST
Time Zone Conversion - (8:00 PM-11:00 PM CST | 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM PST)

We ask a lot of our team, which is why we try to give back as much as we can by offering raid night repairs, cauldrons, fancy feasts, and community events.

If you are looking for a home, look no further. Apply today at www.LoseYourLife.com
Have questions about the application process? Visit our Application FAQ:

Still have questions? Add us:
*Bnet* -Stinggar#1176 or Darann#1686
*Discord* - Sting#5237 or Darann#3829
Guess whos back? Back again. Sting is back. Tell your friends.... that we are looking for DPS! =D but we are full on paladins. Like. Really full on them.
We are full up on melee dps (unless you bribe Elantre with chipotle, then we might make an exception...) and are looking to fill out our range dps ranks!
We really some people that know how to shoot spells and take names. That would be awesome. Like.. Really awesome.
Hey there. You know what we like? Range Dps. Really cool range dps.
I recently started playing again, (after losing access to my old account) and decided on Lightbringer. Your raid times are attractive as I work during the day and traffic is iffy, I also happen to be a ranged dps. pfefferneuse#1841
11 days till BFA launches, dont be alone while leveling in warmode join us so you will have frens to protect you!
Hey there. Did you see that Old Soldier Cinematic? Well I did. But what i saw was the alliance about to crush the horde. Join us today! Range dps is needed!
Looking for range dps to show our guild leader how its done!
Wtb lock cookies and mage biscuits.
We actually suck at achievements but we do them anyway....
We are good at dancing. and singing.
I opened up a cookie farm... I hope it lures some mages.
Anaconda, a Raider's Recruitment Message:

hunter named darann
my hearts already sold
big dope auction money
he was getting that gold
was in shootouts with the horde
but his bank always bossin
bought me Bountiful Captain's Feasts
with all of his auctions

now we need, need, need
locks or death knights, man they always ready to kill
Who wanna apply first? We had G'Huun pushin daffodils
We fly as hell, not run of the mill
We are Lose Your Life

By the way, what I say
You can tell I'm missing raid spots
Always got room for warriors, dks and locks
Lookin far and wide and I'm ready to drop
Wanna be Cutting Edge? Or do you wanna be dull?
Swing and sling at some bosses' skulls
So lets roll up to the raid like we ready to get paid

My team of raiders don't
My team of raiders don't
My team of raiders don't want none unless you got mechanics, son
Pirate philosophy: We think, therefore we ARR! ........... O boy. We are looking for Death Knights, Demon Hunters and Warlocks!
Look. My guild leader once asked my why I eat so many saltines. I told her that if I don't I might get salty..... I'm really bad at this. Looking for Death Knights, Demon Hunters and Warlocks! =D
Looking for Warlocks, Death Knights, and Demon Hunters. So basically all the edgelords. Come one come all Edgelords!
Sting you just called yourself an edgelord.. :thinking:
.....O MY GOD. This is true. I'm the edgiest of lords. And you can only get top quality edgelords while being in LyL.
Can I be an Edgelord?

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