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I honestly really do like night elves. I know i chose night elf for Lunnaya because 2 years ago I picked night elf because they are vampiric looking especially for a blood dk.

But now I actually like them. They actually look pretty good even the males imho.
They can look good in any mog (they can make a hunter mog look good and that's saying something because hunters have the worst mogs) And they have a lot of cool lore, which makes them a great rp race
Night Elf for sure. This druid was the second character I made in vanilla, and I remember the charm of leveling in Teldrassil and having to go to Moonglade to learn my talents.

Otherwise, blood elf. Love the architecture, lore... plusthey'retheprettiesthorderace. The starting zones are gorgeous, the music is great...

nostalgia hurts
In b4 Mom shows up to yell at us!

Blood Elves are my favorite! They taste the best!

(sets out a tray of blood elf fingers and dipping sauce for all to enjoy)

They're incredibly strong yet the most composed and calm race in wow.

Staring into their eyes can calm ones soul.

Also they make great druids, just like my own cool cow druid :)

Humans, draenei, blood elves, void elves.

They look good.
There needs to be a why?

Because gnomes!

Because Orc.
My favorite race changes. I find myself more so following characters who represent the race.

First was Azshara and Tyrande.

Next and current Love is Dwarf for how well they did the bronzebeard line. I want to see where Moira goes. (Also I love how funny dwarves are.)

My next favorite will be whatever Calia is.
Undead. Played them in Warcraft 3 and they're still my favorite.
Tauren, probably.

Cairne was my favorite WC3 hero, and I liked the Tauren melee units also. The first WoW characters I rolled were a Tauren shaman and a Tauren warrior.

One thing led to another, and I ended up playing Alliance more in WoW.

But I still like the Tauren culture and ambiance a lot.

If Baine doesn't wreck something real good during BfA, I will be sorely disappointed. I was really not pleased that Cairne never did much in WoW except get killed. What a waste.

This was the fan favorite Tauren Chieftain, what happened here? I never understood that.
Draenei cause it's my first race I got to cap when I started playing back in cataclysm!
Goblins. Because Goblins.
I use to be a hard fast Ogre fan above all other races, but more and more I am falling in love with the Vulpera! Those adorable little desert dwelling foxes are something that I never expected to see in WoW. When they were first shown at Blizzcon I was pretty "meh" but now I am desperately hoping that they become an Allied Race AND can be Paladins! I would race change in an instant!

If we are limited to just current playable races, I would have to say either Dwarves for the Alliance and Orcs for the Horde. Plate looks amazing on them, I love their frames, and beards are AWESOME!
Hard to say...I mean gun to my head....hmmm.....probably troll. Which is ironic considering I have literally 1, meanwhile i have an army of elves. But i love their lore, their look, their accent, and their racials.

Weird that I don't have any though.
Gnomes master race

nuff said

Pandaren females with tails they keep you warm on a cold night in the shrines.

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They're incredibly strong yet composed and calm race in wow.

They're just the best.

I fell in love with Chen when I first encountered him in Warcraft 3 and was so happy to see not only an expansion dedicated to the race, but also an entire class that revolves around them. MoP is what got me into WoW.

Also, their attitude about everything is similar to mine so they are easy to relate to in many ways.

And I'm not just saying that cause they paid me to.

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