Does anyone else hate boosting?

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I hate boosts, but I also hate post 7.3.5 leveling. I think boosts are a terrible design, because it gives Buzzard an incentive to do every little sneaky thing they can to slow down leveling. Hurricane 8.0 happens and to no one's surprise, fixing leveling was last on the list of priorities. Gee, wonder why? And yeah, easy come has always been easy go. That's why your average person won't stick with a boosted toon.
It's not like they break the game, since leveling has been a meaningless joke for a while now, but my issue is that they're a cheap cashgrab. Blizzard knew that people were unhappy with the leveling experience and instead of actually putting in the effort to fix it, they decided to use it as an opportunity to squeeze sixty more dollars out of people's wallets.
I feel the same way but I choose to think of the bond I had with those 60 dollars. The time I spent working to earn it and how much fun I would've had with it. That weay I feel attached to my character a lil more.
I have three boosted characters.

One is a feral kitty replacing a kitty I leveled as Alliance. I used this kitty to get the Mage Tower done. Plenty of fun.

One is a warlock who I always level second because of her enchanting.

And the third is a rogue who's been a few different races now (via tokens mostly) but who I feel no real attachment to. Still level 100, same as when he was first boosted.
ive been playing this game since vanilla, i dont need any more bonds created.
Dont really hate it. But I only use the free boosts and will probably
never buy one. I enjoy leveling characters.
It definitely is a weird concept.

"Our game is so boring, here, you can PAY to be 'max level' which will be increased soon anyway.."

07/25/2018 09:41 PMPosted by Taurparradin
It definitely is a weird concept.

"Our game is so boring, here, you can PAY to be 'max level' which will be increased soon anyway.."


I know right, and adding to the it's a It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma they go out of their way to make it slower to level.
One of my goals for pre-BfA was to level cap my entire account; this was prompted by the holiday changes that went in this year but it got to be kind of an obsession in its own right towards the end. When allied races came out, I was finally able to convince some of my friends to level alts with me cos they wanted their heritage armor and I was like "yes this will keep me on track and I won't end up sitting afk in Dalaran for hours instead of going and slogging through Northrend questing for the billionth time"

Toward the end of the leveling process I had managed to pair two (of my last three) remaining characters with one person, who was feeling the end-of-expansion burnout and didn't really want to spend time on alts he wasn't going to play again for several months; he offered to pay to boost the characters I was leveling with him so I wouldn't fail to reach my goal.

But like... having 110s isn't the point? I mean, it IS the point, it started as EXPLICITLY the point—only characters eligible for current content are eligible for the box that drops the mounts from holiday dungeons now—but at that point it would have felt wrong to get alts #49 and #50 to ding by spending money on it, even if that money wasn't mine. Alt #23 was the free BfA boost but even at the time that one felt wrong, because it was a last-minute last-ditch effort to get one more eligible LiitA queue (I had deleted three eligible characters to make room on my account for Allied Races, who were released the Tuesday just before LiitA started. Lesson learned: even if DI/Mag'har go live in 2018 I won't be rolling either 'til mid-February 2019); I would have preferred to level that character the last 45 levels she had to go on her own and maybe boosted a different class that I didn't enjoy playing as much (if I never have to level another priest again it'll be too soon, and I only have five of those) but I was in a bit of a tizzy.

I don't really mind the boosts being available—there are people, like the friend who offered to pay for mine, who can afford to do it and don't enjoy the leveling process but still want to try new classes. There are people who enjoy doing end-game content more than I do but don't like leveling—the boosts are for them. For me, I prefer lower-level leveling and don't really like current endgame content (aesthetics have a lot to do with that—Mac'Aree is the only visually appealing part of Argus and most of Antorus is the same ugly green-grey), so any boost not directly adding to my "characters eligible for the Big Love Rocket" count for the year is both a waste of money (that I don't have to spare) and directly lessens the amount of enjoyment I can squeeze out of the game.

I mean, that said I have yet to NOT use a free boost (and my MoP boost actually DID do endgame content and got her legendary cloak and whatnot; she was a faction mirror of my main at the time and I enjoyed the spec so much I wanted to do it all again. RIP, survival </3), but that's because they're free, so the only thing I lose is the low level leveling... and all three boosts have been at least 60+ when I've used them so I was past the stuff I liked best anyway. Losing Cata/MoP leveling (which I sometimes enjoy) is an acceptable trade-off when it also means skipping TBC/Wrath and WoD leveling. They've also all been duplicates of classes I've already leveled to max level significantly earlier in their respective expansions, and the boosts have all come in late enough in said expansions that I've already leveled all the available classes (except for DH with the Legion boost I suppose, but why would you boost a DH to 100 from 98?) that using it on a brand new class wasn't even an option open to me at the time.

I am absolutely a fringe case, though—my ideal account loadout is like... probably 19 max level characters (one of each class on whatever faction I'm raiding on and a handful of the classes I enjoy best on the opposite faction) and 1-31 characters in varying stages of not-being-max. 2017's holiday system was great for me because getting a character to a level eligible to queue for Shadowfang Keep was only the work of a couple hours, so if I had an idea for a new character or wanted to re-experience... I dunno, Stonetalon Mountains or something... I could just delete an existing character and still be ready for the V-day queues by the end of the day. And if I didn't feel the drive to continue with that character once she hit 60 and had to deal with the constant death of the bottleneck quest NPCs in Honor Hold or Thrallmar, well that was fine too. I had to keep my account character capped which made my realm select list a little messy, but it was nice and flexible.

But hey, I get to delete level 110s come next expansion. That's exciting too, I guess.

(whoops I sort of veered off-topic a little bit there, haha)
I got a 110 boost sitting on my account given for free as well. Will never use it though because of the aforementioned reasons. But then, I don't have 50 Alts to worry about.
Nah. I learned more in the 1 M+ and 1 normal raid I did with my character a day after getting max level than the whole leveling slog.

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