[Neutral RP] Storytelling Event!

Moon Guard
Hey there, Moon Guard! With the advent of the cross RP addon, we’d like to host a storytelling event for both alliance and horde.

This event will take place on Friday, August 31st, in the uninstanced Temple of the Jade Serpent, at 6pm. We’re going to be using the Lorewalker’s Sanctum, where Lorewalker Stonestep usually is in the instanced version. (image of the room here: https://prnt.sc/kaz6rb)

This event is hosted by the Azerothian Union, a neutral collective of individuals hosted in Pandaria, that promote unity throughout Azeroth. The collective holds symposiums and events for both alliance and horde.

The community for the event can be joined here: https://blizzard.com/invite/7YRkM3Esv4

Discord for the Azerothian Union: https://discord.gg/ASfeMf7

The only rules are to join the community before coming to the event, be respectful, and come ready to either listen to or tell a good story!

Hope to see you there. :)
Our order is planning the same thing basically. However we're looking to have our own place, a Tavern if you will, where we can be neutral. For certain I'll let my leader and other officers know and we'll try and plan this out as best we can.
This is coming up tomorrow, can't wait to see who has the best story!
event moved to 6pm to not conflict with the month's end brawl, also happening here after at 8!

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