[A] <Prime Time> Recruiting for BFA!

With the start of a new expansion soon, some friends and I have decided to work on building a new guild for a home on Dalaran. We've grown a lot already since pre-patch and are still looking for a few more to round out our raiding roster.

Formed during the pre-patch, we started as only a few friends who have raided together over the years. Many of us have delved into Mythic raids in the past and still look forward to that now. The idea to start our own guild was mostly due to other guilds' raiding times not matching up. We've since gained quite a few more people and are active every day!

Goals for BFA
Our plans for BFA include downing all the content on Normal/Heroic in a timely manner, as well as hitting up Mythic. Cutting Edge is the hope, however not the expectation. Will also plan to cover all raid achievements, and plenty of Mythic+ dungeons outside of raiding.


  • Raid will be Tues/Thur 9pm-12am EST (server time)
  • Relaxed but progression minded
  • Expected to have good attendance (We understand life does happen, though!)
  • Expected to be prepared for raid as it is a part of everyone's time
  • Currently do not have people for mythic, but the goal is casual Mythic progression
    • Recruitment

  • Tanks: Full
  • DPS: Hunter (Ranged), Shadow Priest, Warlock, Boomkin
  • Healers: Priest

  • Final Words
    If you're looking to find not only a raid group but a group of friends to play with on a weekly basis, want to down raid bosses and eventually try mythic, then we are the guild for you. Though we are small right now, we hope to grow and become a well placed group.
    If you are interested please contact one of us below:
    Zakirah (In-game) Battle.net: Vytalis#1149 Discord: Vytalis#5274
    Kevarae (In-game) Battle.net: Deatramak#1421 Discord: Deatramak#3793
    Still looking for more friendly people for BFA!
    Still looking for healers and ranged dps for BFA!
    Still need some healers and range, would love some hunters and a hpal!
    Very friendly group! Come get to know them before BFA. :)
    Hey! I've tried adding both of you on discord but still pending on Jac and it looks like Kevarae account isn't active?
    Woops, missed one number at the end.
    Still looking for ranged (full on mage). Really could use a hunter or two and a hpal as well!.
    Still looking for a warlock, shadow priest, and hunter!
    5/8 N ! looking for disc/holy priest ranged and ww!
    Still looking for some range and a WW!
    357 ilvl Holy Pally with 8/8N 5/8H Uldir Experience, new to alliance looking for a raiding group. makes#1309 in game
    357 ilvl Holy Pally Looking for new raid group that came from Thrall on the horde side. 8/8 Normal Completed Uldir and 5/8 (on zul) Heroic Uldir completed. Very active player, and knows what they are doing. please contact me in game Makes#1309
    Still looking for ranged dps! Come kill bosses with us!
    7/8H. In need of good ranged dps for ghuun and mythic once we get the roster!
    8/8H 1/8M still looking for ranged dps to push mythic uldir!
    Still looking for dedicated people, need ranged for mythic!
    2/8M still looking for ranged dps and possibly a healer for our mythic raids!
    Still need dps and possibly a healer for uldir!

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