(H) Zul'jin 8/8H 1/8M - LF DPS

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Updated: Currently 8/8H 1/8M.

We're looking for a couple more players:

One more Warlock. Badly. Like, we NEED a warlock.
One more DPS capable of off-spec healing.
DPS, maybe one or two additional. Literally any class will do.

My best guess at our average age is late 30's, so we have a higher than average incidence of things like work travel etc. We need to add a couple more players that can be near 100% attendance to effectively do Mythic.

We're looking for zero-tilt, zero-drama, calm, normal people that we enjoy raiding with.

Stuck It is a team in the guild Pandamonium on Zul’jin. We’re looking for a couple more players to round out our Mythic roster. We’re a laid back, capable, sane group of players who enjoy raiding, expect to kill bosses, and can do so without drama/tilt/stress/rage etc. We do a pretty decent amount of M+ on our offnights. Open alt runs on Mondays.

I do not consider CE to be a goal of this team, I simply want to see the team continue to play well and the team members to enjoy their time here. I believe a reasonable expectation each tier is to get AotC relatively quickly then push roughly halfway through Mythic. Probably most tiers a bit better, possibly some tiers a bit worse. If we find ourselves in a situation where getting one more boss down would require a roster revamp, we’ll call it a tier. This is the wrong team for anyone with a different mindset.

That said, the expectation we have as a group is for potential teammates to have the following attributes:

- Effective communication. We want players that are comfortable talking about their mistakes. We don't judge. We want to know how you died, how you almost died, how you killed someone etc. We want to make sure it's a rep issue and not a strat issue. If you died on a pull, and don't want to open your mouth when someone asks how you died, this is the wrong team for you.

- Macro encounter fluency. I look at my job as facilitating the progression from 80->60->40->20->kill. The group talks through things, but explaining mechanics is not something we do in front of a boss.

- Willingness to ask questions. We take ready checks literally. Maybe you "think" you understand a mechanic, but you're only 99% sure. Don't click ready. Ask. That conversation is useful to the entire group.

- Class fluency. Play whatever class/spec you want but play it well. I certainly assume anyone looking at a progression pull has watched streams/vods of their class/spec doing the encounter.

- Complete lack of douchebaggery/drama/thank-god-I'm-here/mechanics-shmecanics-did-you-see-my-parse/etc. We're a pretty chill group, most of us are at least in our late 30's. We take our raiding seriously - very seriously - but we don't get tilted over pretty much anything except people that try to rock the boat. We're here for fun, and killing bosses with players who have their !@#$ together is fun to us. We don't give people a hard time for making mistakes. Ever. Period.

If you're looking to be a part of a team that has been in place essentially since 2012, made up of normal, sane, competent players and want to be part of a truly great, fun, chill team, reach out. We raid Wed/Thu, 8:30-11:30 Eastern

I'll make the time to speak with anyone interested. Contact me via Duress#1404
Still looking for a few more for BFA, please check out OP and reach out if it sounds like a fit!

Starting to talk to a few people, still looking to speak with more!

I've been in the guild for a few months now and have had a blast raiding and just playing with everyone. They've made me feel welcome since the beginning and I'd highly recommend everyone to at least reach out and consider us as an option.
Still looking for a few more players!

I'm guessing that's your discord name you keep putting at the bottom.
But interested I'm looking to switch horde and servers and looking for zul or tich, sounds a bit intense. But would like to know raid times and such
Hi Dorialah,

We raid Wednesday and Thursday 8:30 to 11:30 Eastern.

If you are interested and would like to chat feel free to add me via BNET Kosh#1220
Hi! My dad and I are a father son duo looking to raid in BFA. You're guy's raid times and pace/mindset seem to fit what we are looking for and are interested in talking to someone about possibly joining. We both have Mythic experience in Legion.

I added you on BNET aswell Kosh.
Thanks Breadnut! Enjoyed chatting with you!

Still on the lookout for a couple more DPS and a healer!
Still looking for a few more DPS, and one healer.

As far as tank goes, it seems we will need one after all. We have a couple options - someone comfortable tanking for a month or two then moving back to DPS or a permanent tank.

See OP for detail, and reach out @ Duress#1404
Still looking for a few more folks! See OP.
Check out OP, still looking for a few more players - openings for 1 tank, 1 healer and a couple more DPS.
Looking for a few more players for BFA; See OP for detail.
Still interested in talking to capable competent players; still need one healer and considering a possible tank. Duress#1404
See OP - still looking for a few more people to round out our team!

We're still looking for a couple more players as we move into BFA - Specifically one tank and one healer - and a few more good DPS

Come join us for BFA - See OP for detail, still looking to add a healer (Shaman or Druid) to our team, and a few more DPS.

Still looking for a few competent, capable players - a healer and a few more DPS!
Still looking for a few more key roster members, OP for details, thanks!
Still looking for a couple players that would fit with our group! Duress#1404

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